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Mass Timber Symposium

The symposium will build capacity in the NYS Architecture, Engineering, and Construction community to design and deliver all the potential that this new approach offers.

As mass timber adoption disrupts the traditional approach to structural systems, this year we’ll explore how that disruption can help reshape all of the construction process!  Join us on February 22 and 27 to learn more!  There is no cost to attend, just register below.


February 22

Prefabricated Mass Timber Façades for Mass Timber Buildings Graham Finch

The rapidness of construction that can be possible with mass timber structures coupled with the need for moisture and fire protection during construction influences suitable façade systems. Non-load bearing and light-weight prefabricated systems including aluminum curtainwall and large-format panelized systems are preferable to keep up with the installation pace of the structure for taller mass timber buildings. Traditionally the structural materials for prefabricated façade systems consist primarily of aluminum, steel, or precast concrete however there is a growing desire to utilize mass timber given its lower embodied carbon emissions and interior exposed aesthetic finish especially on projects where the primary building structure is also mass timber.

Over the past decade a number of prefabricated façade systems constructed out of mass timber materials suitable for taller and more exposed buildings have been developed. Several prototypes, full scale air/water/structural performance mock-up tests, full scale fire-tests, and built project examples exist from a few different manufacturers with more to follow. This presentation covers the journey of iterative progress to understand how mass timber can safely be incorporated into façade designs what makes the leading systems work for mass timber building projects.

Graham Finch, MASc, P.Eng – Principal, Senior Building Science Specialist – RDH Building Science

Graham Finch is a building science engineer who specializes in enclosure design, risk management, research, and investigation work for new and existing buildings. Graham also works with building product manufacturers and other clients on product research and development, and the creation of various industry guidelines and training initiatives. Graham is directly involved with the majority of RDH’s mass timber and high-rise wood building projects and instrumental in leading industry research, risk management, and façade development for these new wood buildings. As a result of this experience, he is regularly invited by various organizations and clients to speak to the practical and technical issues of mass timber façade design and moisture management for mass timber buildings.


February 27

Managing Mass Timber: The Proliferation and Productivity of Mass Timber Structures Anthony Mirando

This presentation will briefly cover the state of commercial mass-timber construction across the United States. Providing the most recent data from our expansive database- highlighting key attributes of current built, and or/under construction mass timber projects. Additionally, practical productivity data of mass-timber trade installation will be covered from the INTRO Mass Timber project located in Cleveland, OH.

Dr. Anthony MIrando - Associate Professor, Kent State University

Dr. Anthony Mirando is an Associate Professor of Construction Management at Kent State University. His research and teaching focus are on the intersection of sustainable development and cost in the urban environment. Mass timber, green building certification, incentivization structures, and other sustainability technologies comprise his recent research and teaching trends. He is a LEED Accredited Professional focused in Neighborhood Development, in addition to instructing Sustainability in the Built Environment within the program. Dr. Mirando earned his Ph.D. in Geography from Kent State University, a Master of Science in Management from Colorado State University, and a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Kent State University. In addition to teaching and research duties, Dr. Mirando coaches a multitude of award-winning student competition teams.