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Blackboard Ultra


All new courses must be in Ultra format in







Effective Fall 2024

All new Blackboard courses will be switching to the Ultra View format


What you need to know

  • Summer 2024 courses will all be issued as Ultra courses, but there is an option to revert them back to original course view through a request to the SU Helpdesk.
  • All new courses will only be available as Ultra courses from the Fall on.
  • Most tools that exist in Original courses are available in the Ultra courses.
  • Access to previous courses will still be available in Blackboard, and course contents can  be moved from Original courses to Ultra courses.
  • Issues can arise during the copy from an Original course to an Ultra course, so it is recommended to allow extra time to get the course ready. 


What you should do

Sign up to be enrolled in SU’s “Ultra Course View Orientation” course.
This course comes with an “Ultra Sandbox” (you will see the Sandbox as a separate course). The Sandbox allows you to explore all of the functions of the new Ultra view.

Request a development shell for one or more of your courses. 
This will allow you to practice building your course in Ultra and make it easier to copy content into your new Ultra course when the official course shells are made available.

Attend one of our workshops or sprint builds to prepare your content for Ultra. 

Start small.
Move content from an original course to an ultra course sandbox development shell a little chunk at a time, ex: a folder or module.

Review all the content in each chunk after it’s copied in.
Verify everything came through and looks as expected.