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Pre Law
ESF and Environmental Law

Each year, many students interested in a career in environmental law choose SUNY ESF for the undergraduate degree they need to attend law school. When you learn the advantages of attending ESF, you’ll want to join us too.

Admission into one of the U.S.’s 184 law schools is extremely competitive. Approximately 110,000 students apply to law school, but only 45,000 attend. Law schools admit students who they believe will succeed at their school. They search for students whose undergraduate education includes critical analysis, logical reasoning, and written and oral expression. Qualities that all of ESF’s undergraduate majors provide.

In addition, law schools seek students that can enrich other students’ law school experiences: a diverse student body contributes to the diversity of views in law school discussions. Law schools look for academic diversity, which is exactly what ESF students acquire from each of our programs. In addition, each of ESF’s undergraduate majors provide our graduates with the scientific knowledge that they need to practice environmental law.

The ESF pre-law program focuses on helping students understand the opportunities in environmental law and developing a law school application package that demonstrates our students’ true potential. The program is based primarily on individual pre-law advising between the student and advisor.

Dr. Robert Malmsheimer 
ESF Pre-law Advisor