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Research at ESF
Researchers at ESF

ESF's culture of collaboration drives innovative discoveries in areas vital to the future of our planet. Research discoveries help to sustain our environment's health, preserve and conserve biodiversity, and keep climate change in check. New ideas emerge and innovation explodes when disciplines partner. 

ESF's world-recognized faculty work elbow-to-elbow with talented and passionate graduate and undergraduate student researchers as members of their research and scholarship teams. Students do research and scholarship that span disciplines and topics that touch every facet of our world. Research opportunities flourish, as students create their own paths and advocate in ways that improve our world.

In addition to working with ESF’s distinguished faculty, students have access to world-class research facilities. This combination offers rare opportunities for student researchers.

Featured Researchers

Kimmerer liu briggs

Dr. Robin W. Kimmerer

Distinguished Teaching Professor and Director, Center for Native Peoples and the Environment

Shijie Liu


Dr. Russell Briggs

Distinguished Teaching Professor and Department Chair







Dr. Jaime Mirowsky

Assistant Professor

Dr. Theodore A. Endreny


Dr. Silje T. Kristiansen

Assistant Professor







Dr. Maren King

Associate Professor

Dr. Rene Germain


Dr. Mariann T. Johnston

Professor and Director of Ranger School