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Educational Opportunity Program
Summer Program Information

Educational Opportunity Program is all about support and community. It all starts with the EOP Summer Program.

All newly admitted EOP students are required to attend all-expenses paid five-week EOP residential Summer Program designed to help you transition from high school to college.

You will experience a mix of academic classes, workshops, field trips, and social activities with your EOP Peer Mentors. You'll settle into the residential hall, make a group of EOP friends, learn to navigate the ESF and SU campuses, take classes, and meet support staff—all before the academic year even begins.

Academic Preparation

Take classes with faculty from the mathematics, biology, and writing departments.

Orientation to College Life

Learn how to navigate campus resources, practice study and time management skills, work through the "New Student Checklist" with staff, and more.

Social Connections

Social activities and field trips will help you bond with your fellow EOP students and EOP mentors and staff.

Am I required to attend?

Yes, if you have been accepted into SUNY ESF as an EOP student then you must attend the mandatory EOP Summer Program. Being accepted to ESF through EOP means that we believe you will be successful at ESF with strategic financial and academic support. This support begins with the EOP Summer Program.

What day should I arrive and what day do I leave?

Move in day for 2023 is Monday, July 10. Students will head home Saturday, August 12.

Is there a cost to attend the EOP Summer Program?

There is no cost to attend the EOP Summer Program aside from personal expenses. Food, lodging, and supplies are all covered by EOP.

Where will I be living for the Summer Program?

You will move into the room that will be yours for the fall semester and you will be able to leave your belongings in your room for the short break between the end of the Summer Program and the start of Fall Orientation. This means that EOP students do their full move-in before anyone else on campus and get fully settled in their spaces before the start of the academic year.

Note for commuter students: Unless an exception is approved by the EOP Director, you will be expected to live on campus for the duration of the EOP Summer Program. A room in Centennial Hall will be provided for you for the 5 weeks.

What should I bring?

Since your EOP Summer Program Move-In day is your official Move-In day for the residence hall, bring your full move-in items. You will receive recommendations for what to bring from the Centennial Hall staff on or about June 1st. You will also receive an EOP Summer Program specific recommended packing list ahead of the program.

Are we allowed to go home on the weekends?

No, there are scheduled activities on the weekends that students are expected to participate in as part of the program.

What about my senior graduation party or vacation trip?

You are required to participate in the entirety of the EOP Summer Program. There will be no exceptions.

What are the academic expectations during the EOP Summer Program?

The Summer Program is designed to give you a chance to acclimate to college level academics. You will be expected to participate fully in all academic sessions and give your best effort. It is expected that you will be respectful of your learning community and that you will ask for help when you need it.

What happens if I do not meet the above academic expectations of the EOP Summer Program?

You will have a conversation with the EOP Director and Counselor to discuss your readiness for the fall semester.