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Louis Stokes Alliance of Minority Participation Program (LSAMP)

SUNY ESF is a participating member of the Central New York LSAMP Alliance (CNYLA).

SUNY ESF has partnered with several local colleges and universities to form the Central New York LSAMP Alliance (CNYLA). This is a new grant for ESF which began in the Fall 2021. We currently have 3 cohorts of LSAMP scholars.

map of new york which shows different L S A M P colleges as different colored dots

What is LSAMP?

The Louis Stokes Alliance of Minority Participation Program (LSAMP) initiative supports historically underrepresented students in STEM.

With resource sharing, the seven CNYLA schools are committed to working together to amplify benefits to their URM students:

  1. Improved faculty-student relationships through mentoring

  2. Strengthened student-peer relationships

  3. Increased early opportunities for first- and second-year students to participate in research as a complement to faculty's already strong involvement of upper-division students in research

  4. Facilitated STEM transfer pathways from two-year to four-year institutions. Such programming will help prepare students for 21st century STEM careers through strong experiential learning and professional development activities


Division of Student Affairs
Office of Opportunity Programs