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Office of International Education
Information for Faculty

Interested in leading a short-term international program at ESF? This role opens avenues to elevate students' education through immersive experiences, align with ESF’s mission to globally improve the world, and expand your own international expertise. While the responsibilities are substantial, the potential impact on student success and the gratification of contributing to their growth make the effort both challenging and fulfilling.

Leaders of study abroad programs must adhere to all ESF and SUNY policies and procedures regarding international student programs. If you need assistance through the process, OIE is here to support you! Email 

Program leaders must plan international programs at least 8 months in advance. Approval is case-by-case, and deviations from the timeline pose approval risks.  Please use the below guidance for approval and planning purposes.

Please reach out to OIE at for required proposal documents and for assistance with this process.

International Academic Program Proposal Deadlines

  • Fall programs: February 1
  • Winter programs: May 1
  • Spring programs: June 1
  • Summer programs: December 1 

Approval & Planning Process

  • Assess the need for the international program and the potential for sufficient enrollment
  • Complete and submit the Short-Term International Academic Program Pre-Approval Form to your Department Chair and OIE Director
  • Determine a co-leader: all programs must have two leaders
    ● Continue developing program framework, objectives, syllabus, and itinerary
    ● Consult the Director of Business Affairs to obtain program budget guidelines

  • Submit the final proposal to OIE including:
    • Short-Term International Academic Program Pre-Approval Form;
    • Calculating the Program Fee Worksheet
    • Short-Term International Academic Program Proposal Cover Page
    • Short-Term International Academic Program Proposal (including syllabus and itinerary)
  • If you are submitting to renew a program, please only submit the
    • Short-Term international Academic Program Approval Renewal Form
    • Program Fee Worksheet

  • Activate marketing plan to promote and recruit students
  • Attend the Fall Study Abroad Fair
  • Provide students with application form links
  • Communicate with OIE for assistance and guidance

  • Review all received applications and select program participants
  • Submit Participant Information Spreadsheet of accepted students to OIE
  • Schedule a leader training meeting with OIE
  • Contact Bursar with deposit amount, total program fee, and IFR account number to charge
  • Instruct students to pay program deposit and fees
  • OIE will distribute pre-departure documents to participants
  • Schedule a Pre-Departure Orientation for students - facilitated by OIE staff

  • Submit Final Itinerary and Program Contacts
  • Send program leaders passport (and visa) copies to OIE
  • Submit an updated Participant Information Spreadsheet to OIE if there are roster changes

  • Submit a reconciled budget and receipts to the Business Office.
  • OIE will send a Reentry Survey to participants
  • OIE will schedule a reentry debriefing meeting

International Health Insurance

SUNY students participating in international programs are required to have health insurance with medical evacuation and repatriation coverage.  Program leaders are encouraged to enroll in international health insurance.  Enrollment and payment for international health insurance is coordinated by the Cashiers Office.

Offering a Non-Credit International Experience or Project

Please refer to our Student Research & Non-Academic Programs Abroad webpage for further guidance.

Note on Using Education Travel Providers

Education Travel Providers can implicate various procurement, ethics, and conflict of interest rules, as a result, please consult with OIE for guidance prior to finalizing any partnership.