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Study Abroad
ESF International Courses

Short-term study abroad programs offer high-impact, focused international experiences led by ESF faculty and staff—with convenient timing that won't conflict with your other academics.

Please be aware that course options change based on student enrollment, faculty availability, and geopolitical factors.

As new courses are developed,  they will be posted here.  If you have any questions, please email  

For faculty interested in leading an international course at ESF, please email for more information and review the process

Past International Courses

ERE 311/511 Ecological Engineering in the Tropics in Costa Rica

EFB/FOR 523 Tropical Ecology in Ecuador

EFB 500: From Ridge to Reef: Invertebrate Conservation Biology in Palau

EFB 434: Ecosystem Restoration Design in Mexico

FOR 404 Ecotourism Abroad in Nicaragua

EFB 500 Tropical Conservation Biology - Field Research in Peru

EFB 500 Biophysical Field Methods in Namibia

LSA 496 Field Work in Urban Ecosystem Design in Spain

EFB 434 Ecosystem Restoration Design in Mexico