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Office of the Bursar
Applying for New York State Residency

Completing the Application

If you are charged tuition at the out-of-state rate and believe you are eligible for in-state tuition rates, you will need to apply for New York State Residency for Tuition Billing Purposes. 

Are you eligible for in-state tuition? Review the SUNY Guide to Resident Tuition Policy.

Application for NYS Residency

  • If you are financially independent (emancipated) and no longer receive any financial support from your parents or legal guardians, complete Sections A and B of the application.
  • If you receive financial support from your parents, legal guardians, or spouse, complete Sections A and C of the application.

Processing Time for Applications

  • E-mail notification is sent when the application is received.
  • Applications are reviewed in the order in which they are received.
  • Incomplete applications will delay processing time.
  • Every effort is made to review applications as quickly as possible. Processing time may be longer at high-volume times such as at the beginning of semesters and near deadlines. Once reviewed, a determination letter or an e-mail requesting additional documentation is sent.
  • Students billed at the out-of-state rate remain responsible for that rate until they have demonstrated they are eligible for the in-state rate through the residency application process.
  • If you require an expedited response, you may contact Lisa Campagna @ 315-470-6687 for consideration.

Signing the Application

All students must sign the attestation on Section B; all parents, legal guardians, or spouses must sign the attestation on Section C.

Providing Documentation*

A minimum of three (3) documents from the list below must be submitted. Documents must bear issue dates of one year or more prior to the start date of the semester, term or module for which you are applying for residency. Students claiming financial independence must provide evidence of both financial independence as well as a New York State domicile (see Column 1, Independent Student). Students who are financially dependent upon parents or legal guardians must submit supporting documents in the name of the parent/guardian (see Column 2, Dependent Student).

Acceptable Document Type 1. Independent Student
(Application Sections A & B)
2. Dependent Student (Application Sections A & C)
Alien Registration Card or Visa (Non-U.S. Citizens only) Permanent Residents, Refugees and Asylees, including those with pending applications, certain visa holders** and some undocumented aliens may establish NYS residency in accordance with these policies. **A1-A3, E1, E2, G1-G5, H1B, H1C, H4, I, K1-K4, L1, L2, N8, N9, O1, O3, S5-S7, T1-T4, U1-U4, and V1-V3. Student Student and Parent
The following documents may be used as evidence of domicile:
NYS Driver License NYS Learner Permit NYS Identification Card Student Student and Parent
NYS Vehicle Registration Student Parent/Guardian
Signed NYS Residential Lease, Deed, or Property Taxes Student Parent/Guardian
Utility Bill, e.g.: Electric/Gas/Heating/Water/Sewer/Cable (Currently held account: one current statement and one issued 12 months prior to the start of the semester.) Student Parent/Guardian
The following documents may be used to demonstrate financial independence, and in some cases, domicile*:
*Signed NYS and Federal Income Tax Returns (From prior year.) Student Parent/Guardian
* NYS Bank Account (Currently held account: one current statement and one issued 12 months prior to the start of the semester.) Student Parent/Guardian
TA/RA/GA departmental offer letter with signatures Student N/A
Form 1099; Form W-2; Trust Documents, etc. Student N/A
Exceptions to Domicile Rule:
Military Home of Record – Form DD-4 (Dependents and spouses of Full-Time Active Members of the U.S. Armed Forces stationed out-of-state, whose Home of Record is NYS.) N/A Parent/Guardian
Active Duty Military Orders (Members of U.S. Armed Forces on Full-Time Active Duty and stationed in NYS, and their spouse and dependents.) Student Parent/Guardian
Official/Final High School Transcript w/award of degree. Student N/A
Affidavit of Intent to Legalize Immigration Status Student Student
*Documents must support the claim to have resided in New York State for at least 12 consecutive months prior to the beginning of the semester of application.

Emancipated students are responsible for paying all of their educational costs. The amount of income claimed by a student must be in excess of educational expenses, including those expenses associated with living in non-college housing. Income includes financial aid awarded directly to the student with the exception of parental loans.

Non-immigrant aliens admitted to the United States in visa categories which prohibit them from establishing a United States residence would not be able to obtain resident tuition rates, regardless of the time domiciled in New York state.

Contact the Business Office to determine if your visa falls within one of these categories. Immigrant aliens who may lawfully reside in the United States on a permanent basis may obtain resident tuition rates under normal domiciliary requirements.