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Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Are there any special applications for grants, scholarships, or other institutional funding sources?

The FAFSA is used to determine eligibility for almost every type of aid available at SUNY ESF. The exceptions are as follows:

  1. The New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) has a separate application, but it is automatically generated following completion of the FAFSA. The application can be completed online by following the appropriate link from the FAFSA confirmation page. If not done online, a paper application will be mailed to the student automatically.

  2. The Haudenosaunee Scholars Program also has a separate application, which can be downloaded from the Institutional Grant and Scholarship Page.

  3. Eligibility for the Presidential Scholars Program is determined based on the student's application for admission to SUNY ESF. The FAFSA does not affect eligibility, but there is no need to complete a separate application either.

  4. Graduate Student Assistantships are not offered by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. Interested students are encouraged to contact the Office of Instruction and Graduate Studies for information on what applications may be necessary.

What is the income cutoff for financial aid eligibility?

In addition to income, the FAFSA uses many other factors to determine eligibility for the available aid programs, including asset values, number in the household, and number in college. As a result, there is no specific cutoff determining eligibility. In fact, every student should be eligible for some form of assistance, and should therefore complete the FAFSA each year regardless of income.

If every student is eligible for some form of student aid, why did I receive loans only?

Student aid includes many different forms of assistance. While you may not qualify for any "gift aid" (scholarships and grants), you can still receive "self-help aid" (student or parent loans and work-study).

When will I receive my financial aid?

Refunds from financial aid funds are generally available during the first week of classes for each semester. Students are expected to pick up refund checks at the Bursar's Office. Some forms of aid will not be available until the funds have been processed. In these cases, refunds will be processed as soon as possible based on when the funding is received by the school.

Please note that SUNY ESF will use financial aid funds for any outstanding charges first. Only excess funds will be refunded to the student and/or parents.