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Global Experience

No Matter Where You Go, There You Are

Share a selfie from Barcelona? Lose yourself in an Adirondack forest? Install a microturbine in a Honduran community? ESF students get out!

Close By

25,000 acres to start with

and many opportunities beyond.

Far Away

The world is your oyster.

Every year, many students go to destinations around the globe for study, research and exploration.

Take a Flag!

Faculty, staff and students can get a flag from the ESF Office of Communications, 214 Bray Hall. Snap a selfie and post it to Instagram — #esfflags — or email it to so we can consider adding it to the map.



Where's ESF?

Whether members of the College community are traveling to the Kazakhstan for snow leopard conservation, monitoring primitive horse populations in Bulgaria or consulting on water quality improvement in Bolivia, ESF is leaving its mark on the world. Cruise the interactive map for a small sample of ESF's reach and impact: