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M.E. Program Structure

The M.E. Program is highly flexible offering you the ability to build a degree curriculum that fits your schedule, meets your academic goals, and adds value to your career.  Working with your advisor, you will choose from a wide offering of engineering and business electives coupled with required engineering management and professional experience courses to create a degree that works for you.

The M.E. degree requires the successful completion of a minimum of 33 credits at the graduate level inclusive of: 16 credits of engineering electives; 6 credits of business electives; 5 credits of engineering management and professional experience; and a comprehensive team-oriented 6-credit capstone engineering design project. The degree program is designed to fit your schedule.  The degree can be completed full-time in one calendar year or be completed via part-time study over a two-year period.

Focus Area Curricular Element Credit Hours
Engineering Electives in Engineering 16
  Required professional experience course 2
  Required capstone engineering course 6
Business/Management Required engineering management course 3
  Electives in business 6
  Program Total 33


The capstone project is a defining feature of the program. Over a tailored 10-week summer session, you will work in a team to provide engineering planning and design services to real-world clients. Projects will involve the investigation and analysis of an interdisciplinary environmental challenge, followed by the development of new knowledge and a sustainable design solution.  During this experience, you will have the unique opportunity to go into the community, define the engineering need, address the challenge, and deliver a design outcome back to the project stakeholders.