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Graduate Degree Programs
M.P.S., M.S. & Ph.D. in Natural Resources Management

The Natural Resources Management program focuses on both the underlying theory and on-the-ground application of practices to achieve sustainable outcomes in natural resource systems.

Because management practices and decisions arise from the combination of ecological knowledge, economic considerations and landowner/manager objectives and/or policies, research opportunities in management are interdisciplinary by nature.

Participating Faculty

  • Colin M. Beier;
    forest ecosystem and landscape ecology, social-ecological systems, climate change, ecosystem services, landscape change modeling, resilience, adaptive management, resource governance, applied geoinformatics
  • Eddie Bevilacqua;
    sampling/inventory, biometrics, forest mensuration, growth and yield modeling, applied statistics, GIS/spatial analysis, forest ecology, landscape ecology, ecological modeling, tree-ring science, quantitative silviculture
  • Russell D. Briggs;
    forest ecology, watershed ecology, soils, ecosystem services, watershed management, forest soils, silviculture
  • Tristan R. Brown;
    sustainable energy law & policy; energy systems analysis; techno-economic analysis; and climate policy
  • René Germain;
    forest health, policy, silviculture, forest management and operations, forest management for renewable energy, watershed management, sustainable forestry systems
  • Mariann T. Johnston;
    forest ecology, soils, biogeochemistry, forest health, silviculture
  • Diane M. Kuehn;
    social and recreational dimensions, ecotourism and nature tourism, recreation management and research
  • Robert W. Malmsheimer;
    How laws and the legal system affect natural resources management, including how carbon accounting policies affect forest and natural resources.
  • Christopher A. Nowak;
    vegetation management, silviculture and forest ecology, production ecology and plant ecophysiology, invasive exotic plant control, biogeography and cultural landscapes, sustainable management and certification systems
  • Stephen V. Stehman;
    environmental sampling, map accuracy assessment, land-cover monitoring; applied statistics
  • John C. Stella;
    riparian and stream ecology, restoration ecology, watershed management, ecological modeling, tree-ring science, river restoration, arid-land and Mediterranean ecosystems
  • Timothy A. Volk;
    silviculture, forest management for renewable energy, biomass and bioenergy, energy, agroforestry, phytoremediation, management and sustainability of short rotation woody crops, life cycle analysis, ecophysiology, international forestry
  • John E. Wagner;
    forest resource and environmental economics, ecosystem services, policy, quantitative silviculture, forest management and operations, operations research, simulation