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Graduate Programs
M.S. or Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry

Polymer chemistry is central to the development of new technologies and substances. Materials based upon natural and synthetic organic macromolecules, polymers, and hybrid derivatives have enormous potential to address challenges in areas such as climate change, environmental pollution, and sustainable energy generation and storage. Efficient implementation of new, selective methodologies will be key in these areas. Towards this goal all students in the Polymer Chemistry major at ESF learn the fundamentals and acquire unique experimental skills in modern polymer chemistry.

Program of Study

Graduate students in Polymer chemistry take a one-year course sequence in polymer synthesis, characterization, and techniques in the field of polymer science. Additionally, Ph.D. students take one-semester courses in physical chemistry and advanced organic chemistry. A wide range of additional chemistry and engineering courses are available to students at ESF and Syracuse University.

Faculty and their Specialties

Follow the links immediately below for detailed descriptions of research of any professor. Many other useful links are found just below the listing of faculty.

  • Neal M. Abrams;
    Inorganic chemistry, material science, renewable energy
  • Avik P. Chatterjee;
    polymer chemistry, theoretical polymer and physical chemistry
  • Ivan Gitsov Ivanov;
    polymer chemistry, advanced supramolecular catalysis for "green" chemistry, polymer synthesis through enzymatic biocatalysis, hydrogels and networks for additive manufacturing, drug delivery and biomaterials
  • Gyu Leem;
    Environmental and polymer chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, materials science, surface chemistry, light harvesting polymers, photocatalytic and/or magnetic composite materials, solar energy conversion, water remediation

Emeritus Faculty

  • Stipanovic, Arthur; 
    polymer chemistry, biopolymers, biodegradable polymers, characterization, rheology

Financial Support

Students are typically supported on research assistantships, teaching assistantships, and fellowships. 

Current Research Interests

Prospective graduate students are strongly encouraged to contact any professor whose research is of interest.

  • "Green” supramolecular and enzymatic catalysis (Gitsov)
  • Percolation methods in theoretical polymer chemistry with applications to nanocomposite materials (Chatterjee)
  • Preparation and characterization of new functional polymers (Gitsov)
  • 3D printing of hydrogels and polymer networks for advanced applications (Gitsov)
  • Photocatalytic polymer degradation (Leem)
  • Polymer-based photocatalyst (Leem)
  • Renewable polymer materials (Leem)
  • Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics of polymer systems (Chatterjee)

Examples of Relevant Courses

  • FCH 550 Polymer Science: Synthesis and Mechanisms
  • FCH 551 Polymer Techniques
  • FCH 552 Polymer Science: Properties and Technology
  • FCH 650 Statistical Physics and Chemistry of Macromolecules
  • PSE 669 Functional and Nano Additives
  • MCR 783 Scanning Electron Microscopy