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Academic Affairs Committee
Guidelines and Forms

Guidelines and Forms

The intent of this page is to help faculty develop high quality course and curriculum proposals that meet the College standards and guidelines. Please direct questions by email to the AAC at

All proposals submitted for full Committee review are first reviewed by Committee staff for completeness. Once deemed complete, they are then posted for two weeks on the "Current Proposals for Review" web page ( for review by faculty. Committee staff will inform the proposer when the item will be discussed at a meeting of the full Academic Affairs Committee. 

Please note that, in order for a proposal to be considered by the Academic Affairs Committee during the 2023-2024 academic year meeting schedule, the deadline for submission of proposals is as follows:

Curriculum Proposals deadline: January 16, 2024

Course Proposals deadline: March 1, 2024

Curriculum/Certificate and Course Proposal Preparation

Flowchart for determining the appropriate form to use.

Proposing a new or revised curriculum/certificate 

New Curriculum/Certificate or Major Revision to Existing Curriculum Forms:

Follow link to SUNY Academic Program Planning website

Minor revision to Curriculum/Certificate Form (file will automatically download)

Proposal for new academic minor 

Proposing a new or revised course

Course proposal form

Course proposal form instructions and guidance

Student Learning Outcome development tool*

*credit to Arizona State University for their Learning Objectives Builder 

Course Deactivation Form

Administrative Approval of minor course revisions

Administrative Approval Form- Course

If the proposed course revision is minor (i.e. a name change or other change with little impact outside the home department), it may be administratively approved by the Associate Provost of Academic Affairs. PLEASE NOTE that a fully completed Course Proposal Form must be submitted with the Administrative Approval Form in order for the submission to be reviewed by the Associate Provost. 

Administrative Approval of minor curriculum or certificate revisions

Administrative Approval Form- Curriculum/Certificate (file will automatically download)

Please refer to the form for acceptable minor revisions. Only ONE revision may be made through administrative approval.

General Education Course Supplement Form

Please select the appropriate General Education Course Supplement Form for your course. Include complete course proposal form and the supplement form in your submission to the Academic Affairs Committee at