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e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

ESF Bicycle Safety Committee SummaryESF Bicycle Safety

Develop a mission statement based on committee goals:

  • Improve bicycle infrastructure on the ESF campus, in transition zones from ESF to SU, and in transition zones from ESF to the City
  • Education on best practices
  • Improved communication about bicycle facilities and programs at ESF
  • Seeking out grant opportunities

Develop priority list based on importance as well as short and long term feasibility:

    1. Develop official ESF bicycle policies
    2. Develop a bicycle webpage
    3. Remove curb at east end of Illick Hall
    4. Install bicycle signage and striping on quad perimeter
    5. Advocate for bike boxes on Sims/Comstock
    6. Advocate for dedicated bike lanes on Euclid Avenue
    7. Install covered bike parking at east end of Marshall
    8. Develop a bike map connecting ESF to Syracuse points of interest

Bike education/awareness:

  • Develop/implement education procedures
  • Events, e.g., during Earth Week
  • Bike repair station – there is no ownership of it, who is responsible for repairing it? Physical Plant?

Cycling Connections & Bike Library Program:

  • Increase Bicycle infrastructure on Euclid
  • Bicycle Friendly University Application
  • Engage with other entities, e.g., SU (Joe Alfieri, Rex Giardine), City of Syracuse (Paul Mercurio) to make bicycling safer for ESF students/faculty/staff


Bike statistics related to accidents in University area


  • Melissa Fierke (EFB faculty, chair of committee)
  • Ray Appleby (Personal Safety Committee, faculty in Bioprocess Engineering)
  • Brian Boothyard (Facilities/Physical Plant)
  • Brian McGuire (ESF police)
  • Tim Toland (LA faculty, involved in campus planning)
  • Maureen Bishop (USA rep, co-head orientation leader, Junior)
  • Emily Bielejec (GCI President)
  • Alex Poisson (ESF Sustainability Coordinator)