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Office of Business Affairs
Commonly Ordered Supplies

Office Supplies Ordering

Proftech is the primary Office Supply vendor for SUNY ESF. Gholkars is the secondary vendor. Proftech is a Women Owned vendor who is partnered with Staples. Please contact  purchasing in Office of Business Affairs @ x6685 for a user set up form for Proftech Office Supplies. Orders are normally received within 1-2 business days of placement of order. Procurement cards are the preferred method of payment for office supplies. The website link for ordering is PROFTECH.

Gholkars, a Minority Owned vendor, is SUNY ESF's secondary Office Supply vendor. Please contact Office of Business Affairs, Purchasing @ x6685 for assistance.

Online Ordering

The Office of Purchasing offers a number of online ordering systems that enable users to place orders from state contracted & MWBE vendors from their desktop. The benefits of these systems include immediate responses to cost, availability and online products searches. In order to utilize these systems, you may request authorization via the online Registration Form (coming soon).

Industrial and Commercial Supplies and Equipment (coming soon)

The College takes advantage of an online ordering system from a state contract vendor which sells products under Group 39000 titled, "Industrial and Commercial Supplies". You must complete the online Registration Form to gain access to this system. Users are also reminded to contact our sales representative, George Plew, at (607) 743-5566 on any orders over $2,000 to request that better pricing be loaded onto the system if it is available. The entire product offering is available in PDF format on their website and usually has very quick turnaround. When using your Department PCard, no forms are needed but departments are expected to ensure that all items have been received in a satisfactory manner. If items are not received in a satisfactory manner, please notify the Office of Purchasing. Please note that this ordering system is also available through the Research Funded portion of the Purchasing and Contracts website.

Lab Supplies (coming soon)

Lab supplies are those items that are intended to be used in the research lab or classroom, have a useful life of less that one year and are less than $5,000 in value.  They include items such as glassware, reagents, trays, slides, tools and other items used in the operation of a laboratory.

The University currently takes advantage of the New York State Office of General Services' contracts for lab supplies to provide desktop ordering of commonly used items. These vendors offer a one-stop shopping feature that allows end users to order directly from them through a web-based application. Some of the advantages to desktop ordering include immediate responses to cost, availability, delivery schedule and on-line catalog product searches.

All orders for lab supplies may be placed through the on-line vendor system by the departmental end users. An end user can complete an order through the web application and then route the order to either another departmental level for approval or directly to the Office of Purchasing and Contracts for approval and release to the vendor.

Those items requiring special approvals such as radioactive materials, lasers, syringes and live vertebrates (lab animals) may not be ordered using the online system.

To participate in this program, please complete the online Registration Form. Once your access has been established, we will notify you and provide you with user identification information and a password. The vendor offers on-line training, and we can also arrange to meet with you individually for training. You can access the vendors' sites by clicking here.

Please note that this ordering system is also available through the Research Funded portion of the Purchasing and Contracts website.

For an open market purchase, all procurement guidelines must be followed, including competitive bidding at different procurement levels.

Please contact the Office of Purchasing at 470-6687 if you have any questions.

BJ’s Wholesale club

When purchasing goods from BJ’s Wholesale Club the following procedures must be followed in order to ensure reimbursement is processed promptly and correctly:

  • All purchases should be encumbered as a reimbursement through a requisition signed by your department head. Item and purpose should be described in the body of the requisition for all purchases.
  • BJ’s purchases are limited to $500
  • Bring the requisition to the Purchasing and Payables Office. We will check your account for funding and verify the reasonableness of the purchase, then give you a tax exempt form and a purchase requisition form along with the BJ’s membership card. All purchases must be for business use and not personal.
  • BJ’s does not accept purchase orders, hence when making purchases at BJ’s personal funds must be used. These funds will be reimbursed to the employee.
  • After completing the purchase return to the Payables Office the Acknowledgement of Receipt form and a completed purchase requisition form using the following information.
    • Name
    • Social Security Number
    • Address (either home or campus-your check will be mailed to the address you provide)
    • Description of what is being purchased
    • Sign and date the reimbursement form
    • Amount
    • Signature of Department Head
  • The receipt from BJ’s must accompany the reimbursement form. New York State will not pay a reimbursement that does not include a receipt.
  • The Accounts Payables Office will process the reimbursement when we receive the above forms with the correct information. You should receive your check in approximately two weeks.
  • The College has only one membership card. Please return within two (2) business days so others have the opportunity to use it.

Home Depot

A proxy account (commercial credit account) is established with Home Depot. The following guidelines should be used when ordering from Home Depot:

  • Department submits a purchase requisition with appropriate authorized signatures to purchasing @ 100 Bray Hall.
  • Approved PO will be faxed to the department or can be picked up (Dept. should specify preference on the purchase requisition)
  • Copy of signed Purchase Order must be hand carried to the Home Depot Pro Desk
  • Contact @ the Bridge Street / Home Depot Pro Desk # is 315-449-8501
  • Orders may be faxed to Home Depot so items can be pulled prior to pickup – (Fax 449-8512 attn: Pro-desk) Note: This is the responsibility of the department purchasing the items.
  • Lisa Campagna, Purchasing Manager is listed as Buyer on this account.

Water Products

The purchase of water products for consumption by faculty, staff, and students is not an appropriate use of State funds. The only departments that are permitted to use State funds for water products are those that have a justifiable requirement for such in support of a student recruitment and/or retention need.

Any department that wishes to purchase water products with State funds must forward a justification to the Purchasing Office, Bray Hall 100, describing how water products are needed to support their departmental mission of recruitment and/or retention. The justification will be reviewed by the Director of Business Affairs and/or the VP of Administration for appropriateness, and departments will receive written notification of the status of their request.

Please be advised that no departments may use or purchase bottle water per New York State Governor's Executive Order No 18: Restricting the Use of Bottled Water at State Facilities and Promoting Executive Agency Sustainability.

Business Cards and Letterhead

New business cards with the leaf-and-acorn logo are available for online order by faculty, staff, and their departments. Letterhead requests must be directed to (315-470-6646) The Office of Communications; letterhead requests cannot be made electronically at this time.

Please keep in mind that the College is committed to maintaining a consistent design and quality in its business cards and stationery, and that these items must be ordered through the Office of Communications. Production of these items on department printers or the use of other vendors for printing will not be allowed.

Please contact the Office of Communications if you have any questions or changes in your order.

Other Printed Items

To purchase printed materials that cannot be produced using the ESF Copy Center, SUNY Printing Services are available. Please contact Lisa Campagna (315-470-6687). If SUNY Printing Services are not able to provide service, an outside vendor will be required. The procedures for the procurement of printing services are the same purchasing guidelines that apply to all other purchases. Vendor quotes must be provided and meet all specifications listed in the SUNY ESF recycled paper requirements.

The Purchasing Office can assist you with vendor selections or recommendations. It is important to keep in mind some important tips for procuring printing services, whether the printing procurement is processed via the Office or departmental P-card:

Time Frame - Printing is not an overnight process. Be sure to plan for adequate lead-time for the processing of your requisition, quotations, and printing of your project. Some service and products may require additional time or allow for manufacturing and completion of your products. Some NYS State Contracts for printing services require 20 working days for delivery after the proof has been approved.

Planning ahead will save significant costs to your departments.

For more detailed information and instructions in obtaining price quotes for print orders, contact the Purchasing Office at 470-6687 or the Office of Communications @ x6646.


Coming soon.

Cell Phones and Mobile Communication Devices

Cell phones may be purchased from the NYS Office of General Services Contract under the comprehensive telecommunications contract . Vendors offer plans to cover local, long distance and text and other services. If a signed agreement is required the user must send the agreement to the Purchasing Office for review and signature by the Business Office. Before ordering a cell phone the purchaser should review their department's policy on cell phone use. Cell phones will only be purchased by the Purchasing Office for business use.

To better secure cell phones issued by SUNY ESF, and do so in an efficient way, ESF will only purchase iPhones effective May 1, 2022. Android users seeking a replacement for business purposes will be issued an iPhone.

Document imaging services

are provided through a preferred source NYS Industries for the Disabled . If the services required cannot be met by the preferred source a Request for Proposal may be done in accordance with University Purchasing Guidelines.

Editorial and Design and Graphic and Fine Arts

ESF has an Office of Communications that provides similar services and assists departments with acquiring outside graphic and design services.  The Office of Purchasing and Contracts is also ready to assist in procuring these services. Services of this type require a Request for Proposal that allows for the evaluation of quality standards as well as cost.

Educational supplies

can be procured through the OGS State contract for school supplies .

Environmental services

Recycling, Hazardous Waste Removal and Emergency Environmental Spill Response are procured through the Office of Purchasing and require the establishment of formal contracts following a procurement process required through the University Purchasing Guidelines. The New York State Industries for the Disabled may be able to provide Recycling and secure document destruction services. Standby contracts can be established in case of possible unforeseen events that require immediate action. Also for instances where a contract is not in place emergency purchasing procedures must be followed.

Financial and Insurance Services

The State of New York is Self Retained (the State represents that it has the full resources of its taxing power to respond to any claims for liabilities which may arise during the term of the agreement, without monetary limitation, provided however, that the State's obligations with respect to any such claims are subject to the availability of lawful appropriations therefore as required by Section 41 of the State Finance Law).  The State as such does not have a general liability policy and does not insure most State owned property. Should a third party request a certificate of insurance the Office of Purchasing can provide a statement of Self Retention. When renting a vehicle for official University business the current process is that the renter also purchase the optional insurance offered by the rental car company. Should a department require general liability insurance as part of a contractual obligation the Office of Purchasing can procure the insurance through the NYS Office of General Services Bureau of Insurance for a fee established by OGS. Financial Service must be procured through either a Request for Proposal process for Banking or Credit Card services for example or through an OGS Contract such as the Credit Card Electronic Value Transfer Contract . Before soliciting for financial lending services there are requirements to be met through the Division of the Budget including the value of the procurement must be equal to or greater than $250,000. Once the Division of the Budget has provided the appropriate approval documents the Office of Purchasing can solicit equipment leasing financing using the OGS Contract.


OGS has established a state contract for the general delivery of domestic packages and for international packages. These services and similar package delivery services, excluding those sent through the U.S. Postal Service, are delivered by the carrier directly to the ordering department.   For moving services related to Lab moves and equipment as well as office moves there is an OGS contract for moving services.  For questions related to shipping and receiving packages you may contact Mail Services.


Heating oil and gasoline for use on campus and in state vehicles can be purchased from the New York State OGS contract. Pricing is variable and the site also offers a handy price calculator.

Furniture and Furnishings 

During these times of tight budgets it is best for a department contemplating a furniture or equipment purchase to check with Asset Management for available surplus furniture and equipment. Before ordering Furniture and furnishings requiring installation it is important to contact the Office of Facilities Management  to be sure that the proper safety and code requirements are met. The NYS Office of General Services has a large number of Furniture providers under contract to meet your needs. Furniture that requires more than simply uncrating and setting in place may require the purchaser to supply the vendor with a wage rate schedule from the Department of Labor to ensure that the public work is in compliance with wage and benefit provisions of the NYS Labor Law. Insurance requirements must also be met. For further information in acquiring these forms please contact the Purchasing Office at 470-6685. Keep in mind that installation beyond normal inside delivery and setting in place is an open market purchase and may require formal bidding and contracting procedures before the work can begin.

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning services beyond what is provided by the Office of Facilities Management is provided by the New York State Industries for the Disabled a preferred source. If the NYS Industries for the Disabled is not able to meet your needs the Office of Purchasing would assist the department in procuring these services through an Request for Proposal or Invitation for Bid process following University procurement guidelines.

Information Technology

The field of Information Technology has expanded tremendously in the past few years.  From computers to telephones, assistive services, captioning, web conferencing and more, there are a wide range of vendors who provide services under NYS OGS contracts.  The site will explain the menu of available commodities and services, as well as how best to procure them.

With regard to Audio Conferencing Services, Governor Paterson has issued an agency directive requesting that all state agencies utilize the service of InterCall under OGS Contract.  This vendor has been found to provide the most beneficial rates to the state. 

Laboratory Equipment

Equipment for use in labs and classrooms can be procured in a number of ways.  Many items can be found on New York State OGS contract.  If the dollar level and or availability warrants it, a bid with detailed specifications can be done by the Office of Purchasing.

Office Equipment

Office desktop accessories can be purchased from either of the online ordering vendors, or, if under $4,999, with a state procurement card, the use of which is governed by the Procurement Card Guidelines. Office Equipment includes copiers. printers, scanners and computers.

Office Equipment can be purchased from the NYS OGS Contract, or by Invitation for Bid.

All equipment purchases of $5000 or more must be tagged by the Office of Equipment Management. 


Individual Memberships having a fee of $250.00 or more require the prior approval of the Vice President for that area. Justifications for memberships should include why the membership is a benefit to the State (University). While most true memberships are exempt from the advertising requirement in the NYS Contract Reporter if there is an additional service or benefit that is being purchased through the member organization then the membership may need an exemption from advertising by the State Comptroller. If a membership is over $50,000. annually and additional services are supplied such as discounted software, hosted web services, etc. the membership will need to be exempted from advertising in the New York State Contract Reporter by the State Comptroller. In order to justify the reasonableness of price membership organizations are charging the State Comptroller will require the formula used by the organization to set the rates to be charged members. This is to make sure that SUNY is not being unfairly charged compared to other similar members. While State funds can pay a membership fee, they cannot be used to provide a typical donation to an organization.

Published Items

The Office of General Services has many Library publishers and subscription services on contract. Individual books may be purchased through the OGS Contract, the campus bookstore, from the publisher or through a distributor. It is important to note that on line vendors may charge Sales Tax and it is important to find a vendor that will not charge Sales Tax based on the presentation of a Tax Exempt Form. If a vendor charges Sales Tax the purchaser must attempt to get a credit from the vendor since the University is exempt from paying NYS Sales Tax.


Secure Document Destruction services are provided by a Preferred Source, the NYS Industries for the Disabled . Departments should send a purchase requisition to purchasing for its fiscal year needs describing the size, location and schedule of services. The preferred source will provide a proposal based on these needs. Rates are fixed based on the size of the container requested.


The method to procuring software is dependent upon the cost and availability of the software. The University can take advantage of the New York State Office of General Services (OGS) contracts for software. OGS contracts for system hardware may require software, which may be purchase with the hardware or purchased separately from a software contract, to operate the hardware.

The purchase of non-contract software often requires agreeing to the vendor's terms and conditions as part of the sale. Prior to any commitment being made, the terms and conditions must be reviewed by the Office of Purchasing. These purchases often require negotiation of terms between the University and the vendor. As with all other contracts and agreements, the agreement between the University and the software vendor requires the signature of the University Controller. Large software procurements may require that a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) be done based on the value of the procurement. A method to determine the availability of products and services to meet the need of the University is via the issuance of a Request for Information, which serves as the first step in soliciting information from vendors that will make a stronger.