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Office of Business Affairs

Purchase Guidelines

A quick guideline regarding our purchasing procedures. 

Purchase Request Forms

Effective March 1, 2024, please submit your State purchase request using ESF’s new digital Purchase Request Form. Discontinue use of the PDF form.

Please direct any questions to


To purchase quality goods and services economically and efficiently and in compliance with SUNY and New York State procurement regulations.

Purchasing Authority

The primary function of the Purchasing Department is the procurement of goods and services required by the College to fulfill its mission. Through effective communication, both internal and external, the Purchasing Department strives to provide for the varied needs of the campus community while staying within the laws and regulations of the New York State Office of the State Comptroller, the New York State Office of General Services and the State University of New York. This involves a balance between efficient and timely service to our customers and providing an environment of good sound business controls to protect the assets of SUNY ESF. The Purchasing office is authorized to do the purchasing for the campus in accordance with these rules and regulations.

Objectives and Standards

State University's basic procurement objective is to secure the most appropriate materials, supplies, equipment, and services at the lowest available price, consistent with quality requirements and delivery needs as will best promote the interest of New York State.

The practice of competitive bidding, whether formal or informal, not only tends to assure reasonable prices, but will guard against favoritism, improvidence, and fraud. Therefore, competitive bidding shall, to the extent practicable, be solicited and purchases shall be at the lowest available price consistent with quality requirements as will best promote the public interest.

It is the policy of the State University of New York to take affirmative action to ensure that minority and women-owned business enterprises are given the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to provide the University with goods and services at competitive prices. Every effort should be made to purchase from preferred sources such as the Department of Correctional Services, Industries for the Blind, Industries for the Disabled, and Veteran's Workshops, where the costs, quality, and delivery terms meet the needs of the campus. The State University of New York is committed to promoting good corporate governance and as a state agency, we are required to seek to purchase commodities and services from preferred sources first. 

Every effort should be made to follow the purchasing guidelines set forth by the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) and to follow the Office of General Services (OGS) requirements, rules, and regulations for the purchase of materials, equipment, supplies, printing, and services