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Department of Chemistry
Scholarships, Fellowships & Other Awards

The Department of Chemistry has a long history of providing many need and merit-based scholarships each year. Over $10,000 in scholarships are made possible by very generous contributions made to both ESF and the Department of Chemistry.

2024 Award Winners

Student Name Award Category
Lynzee Morris Departmental Citizen Award
Hollis Harrington, Morgan Fatowe, Emily Friden, Liz McDaniel Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award
Terry Eggleston Sondheimer Endowment Student Scholarship
Jenna Parrish Sondheimer Endowment Student Award
Jenna Parrish John A. Meyer Environmental Chemistry Undergraduate Scholarship
Terry Eggleston John A. Meyer Environmental Chemistry Undergraduate Award
Jenna Parrish ACS Environmental Chemistry Undergraduate Award
Terry Eggleston ACS Physical Chemistry Undergraduate Award
Estaban Adorno Outstanding Junior Award
Anna McKenna Outstanding Senior Award
Lin Lyu, Emma Coleman, Marcellin Adjoumane, Dilara Turkel Agacik, Morgan Fatowe Graduate Student Summer Fellowships
Zac Triumph, Lin Lyu, Haulison Yayoh Conrad Schuerch Scholarship
Saerona Kim Chemistry Research Excellence Award
Amanda Charette Chemistry Excellence in Service Award


Named Awards

Established by Dr. Edwin C. Jahn to aid graduate and undergraduate students of the Department of Chemistry at ESF. It was Dr. Jahn's intention to honor the work of 5 distinguished emeriti faculty members by selecting student recipients whose research interests matched those of the emeriti. The emeriti to be honored through this fund are: Dr. Conrad Schuerch (natural polymers and carbohydrates); Dr. Robert Silverstein (chemical ecology); Dr. Ernest Sondheimer (biochemistry); Dr. Michael Szwarc (polymer chemistry); Dr. Tore Timell (wood, tree and forest chemistry).

Student Name Year of Award
Ying Zhou 2018
Xiang Wang 2013
Jesse Crandall  2012
Alex Levine 2012
DeAnn Barnhart  2011
Jesse Crandall  2011
Qin Wang  2011
Nan Qin  2011
Lin Wang  2010
Qin Wang  2010
DeAnn Barnhart 2010
Hongyi Hu 2010
Margaret Pavlac 2009
Qin Wang 2009
Kun Cheng 2009
Brendan Dutter  2009
Darya Prokhorova 2008
Joshua Brooks 2008
Emily White  2007
Jacob Goodrich  2007
Christopher Spiese 2007
Amber Hotto 2006
Jacob Goodrich 2006
Hui Zhao  2006



Student Name Award Year
Saerona Kim 2024 



Student Name Award Year
Amanda Charette 2024


Established to award funds, at the discretion of the President, to the needs of the Department of Chemistry, the Department of Paper & Bioprocess Engineering, and the F. Franklin Moon Library.

Established in 1980, this award was made possible by gifts from Marion Meyer and Professor John A. Meyer '58, a recognized authority in nuclear chemistry whose research interests at the College focused upon wood polymers and the chemical modification of wood, radiation chemistry and neutron activation analysis.

Student Name Award Year
Terry Eggleston 2024
Lyra Sauer 2023
Raymond Flax 2022
Bella Luikart 2021
Zaynab Taveras 2020
Emily Cattarin 2019
Christopher Chambers 2018
Christopher Chambers 2017
Jason Pauldine 2016
John Ganley 2015
Eoghan L. Connors 2014
Eric T. Stevens 2014
John Richardson 2013
John Richardson 2012
John Richardson 2011
Joshua McEnaney 2012
Shannon Carpenter 2010
Mandy Freeman 2008
Jingnan Lu 2008
Matthew Martino 2007
Alexander Mueller 2006
Jaclyn Mueller 2005
Jennifer Liberatore 2005
Atahualpa Pinto 2005


Created in 1983 by Dr. Meyer '58 and his wife, Marion Waterman Meyer. It provides one year, renewable awards to advanced degree candidates in polymer and environmental chemistry, wood science, or environmental biology.

Student Name Award Year
Jenna Parrish 2024
Emma Chong 2023
David Spector 2022
Thi Minh Hieu Lam 2021
Rachel Czerwinski 2020
Dieter Scheibel 2018
Ricardo Joseph 2017
Yuting Zhu 2016
Katherine Perri 2015
Joanna D. Kinsey 2014
Jesse Crandall 2013
Ryan Tappel 2012
Jennifer Croskrey 2011
DeAnn Barnhart 2008
Anna Flach 2008
Lindsay Harrington 2008
Rebecca Jarrell 2008
Karen Howard 2007
Emily White 2006


Established to aid deserving forest chemistry students with financial need in honor of Dr. Schuerch, a well respected member of the Faculty of Chemistry.

Student Name Award Year
Zac Triumph, Lin Lyu, Haulison Yayoh 2024
Matthew Frame, Hai Nguyen 2022
Shelby Coleman 2021
Robert Moesch 2020
Robert Moesch 2018
Jesse Crandall 2011
Katie Saxton 2010
Darya Prokhorova 2009
Christopher Spiese 2008
Caiping Lin 2007
Karen Howard 2006


Established in 1974 to honor the memory and work of Professor Ernest Sondheimer, who was a distinguished faculty member in the College's Chemistry Department from 1957 to 1973.

Student Name Award Year
Jenna Parrish 2024
Sarah Crane 2023
David Spector 2022
Camille Beckett 2021
Tessa Whiteside 2020
Rachel Czerwinski 2019
Jordan Pitt 2018
Daniel Fougnier 2017
John Swartzfager 2016
Eric Stevens 2015
Dolly L. Hall 2014
Graham Heberlig 2013
Andrew Woodford 2012
Shannon Carpenter 2011
Justine Schmidt 2010
Alexander Mueller 2009
Jaclyn Mueller 2008
Gary Bonomo 2007
Atahualpa Pinto 2006
Jennifer Liberatore 2006



Student Name Award Year
William Purcell 2025
Terry Eggleston 2024
Lyra Sauer 2023
Alexandra Woodruff 2022
Camille Beckett 2021
Zaynab Taveras 2020
Zaynab Taveras 2019


Established to support ESF graduate students pursuing advanced degrees in technical areas of major national and societal significance.

Awardees for the year 2018:

  • Shelby Coleman
  • Weiyao Gu
  • Xavier Schafer

Established in memory of world-reknowned chemist Michael Szwarc by his children to assist graduate students studying in the field of physical chemistry.

Student Name Award Year
Xin Liu 2018
Ying Zhou 2017
Dieter M. Scheibel 2016
N. Scott Bergey 2015
Yuge Jiao 2015
Alex Levine 2014
Hongyi Hu 2013
Lili Wang 2012
Kun Cheng 2010
Nan Qin 2009
Caiping Lin 2008
Arsen Simonyan 2007
Suoding Li 2006



Student Name Award Year
Lin Lyu, Emma Coleman, Marcellin Adjoumane, Dilara Turkel Agacik, Morgan Fatowe 2024
Dilara Agacik, Hollis Harrington, Liz McDaniel, Morgan Fatowe, Matthew Frame, Ramachandra Legundapati, Seongsu Park 2023
Matthew Frame, Amanda Charette, Shelby Zangari, Hollis Harrington, Saerona Kim, Jacki Torkelson, Shuya Li 2022
Amanda Charette, Shelby Coleman, Dariya Getya, Saerona Kim, Jacki Torkelson, Lin Wu 2021
Shuya Li, Saerona Kim, Udani Wijethunga, Jared Thompson, Lin Wu, Dariya Getya 2020
Robert Moesch, Shuya Li, John Pezzullo, Amanda Charette, Matt Quattrochi, Babatunde Olagunju, Weiyao Gu 2019


Faculty of Chemistry awards

This series encompasses several merit based awards given by the Faculty of Chemistry.

Given to the most outstanding undergraduates in each academic class, freshman through senior.

Student Name Award Year of Award
Esteban Adorno Junior 2024
Anna McKenna Senior 2024
Lynzee Morris Junior 2023
Emma Chong Senior 2023
Lyra Sauer Junior 2022
Alexandra Woodruff Senior 2022
Raymond Flax Junior 2021
Thi Minh Hieu Lam Senior 2021
Camille Beckett Junior 2020
Matthew Washburn Senior 2020
Tessa Whiteside Junior 2019
Annie Stevens Senior 2019
Camille Beckett Sophomore 2019
Raymond Flax Freshman 2019
Zaynab Taveras Freshman 2018
Emily Cattarin Sophomore 2018
Annie Stevens Junior 2018
Daniel Fougnier Senior 2018
Jordan Louie Freshman 2017
Rachel Czerwinski Outstanding Sophomore 2017
Jordan Pitt Outstanding Junior 2017
Jacob Shave Outstanding Senior 2017
Rachel Czerwinski Outstanding Freshman 2016
Zachary Alger Outstanding Sophomore 2016
Jacob Shave Outstanding Junior 2016
Michael Zarbo Outstanding Senior 2016
Jordan Pitt Outstanding Freshman 2015
Jacob Shave Outstanding Sophomore 2015
John Swartzfager Outstanding Junior 2015
Charlene Grabowski Outstanding Senior 2015
Kristy Northrup Outstanding Dual Major 2015
Jacob Shave Outstanding Freshman 2014
John Swartzfager Outstanding Sophomore 2014
Eric Stevens Outstanding Junior 2014
Joshua Harris Outstanding Senior 2014
John Swatzfager Outstanding Freshman 2013
Eric Stevens Outstanding Sophomore 2013
Dolly Hall Outstanding Junior 2013
John Richardson  Outstanding Senior 2013
John Ganley Outstanding Freshman 2012
Dolly Hall Outstanding Sophomore 2012
Graham Heberlig Outstanding Junior 2012
Andrew Woodford Outstanding Senior 2012
Valerie Sefani Outstanding Freshman 2011
Dolly Hall Outstanding Freshman 2011
Graham Heberlig Outstanding Sophomore 2011
Robert Miller Outstanding Junior 2011
Andrey Prokhorov Outstanding Senior 2011
Shannon Carpenter Outstanding Sophomore 2010
Melissa Santos Outstanding Junior 2010
Jingnan Lu Outstanding Senior 2010
Stephanie Anos Outstanding Sophomore 2009
Melissa Santos Outstanding Junior 2009
Andrey Prokhorov Outstanding Senior 2009



Given to the top performing General Chemistry workshop leader.

Student Name Award Year
Matthew Zelie 2011
Robert Miller 2010
Mandy Freeman 2008
Darya Prokhorova (Graduate) 2008


Presented to the best undergraduate teaching assistant during the academic year.

Student Name Award Year
Trevor Cornish 2018
Trevor Cornish 2017
Rhea A. Joseph 2016
Daniel Fougnier 2015
Zachary H. Spangler 2014
Eoghan L. Connors 2013
Robert Miller 2012
Robert Miller 2011
Shannon Carpenter 2010
Joshua McEnaney 2010
Matthew Jobbins 2009
Cory Hauke 2008


Presented to the top-performing graduate student teaching assistants during the academic year.

Student Names Award Year
Hollis Harrington, Morgan Fatowe, Emily Friden, Liz McDaniel 2024
Matt Frame, Morgan Fatowe 2023
Dariya Getya, John Pezzullo, Jaclyn Torkelson 2022
Amanda Charette, John Pezzullo, Jaclyn Torkelson, Kayla Davis 2021
Matt Quattrochi, Amanda Charette, Jaclyn Torkelson 2019
Shelby Coleman, Tyler Coccarelli, Zhuyun Julia Ye 2018
Gram Townsend, Sierra Jech, Dieter Scheibel 2017
Robert Moesch, Joshua Harris, Ricardo Joseph 2016
Inger M. Tysoobotn, Dieter M. Scheibel, Liang Chen 2015
Ricardo Joseph, John Kelly, Samantha Weber 2014
Xian Wang, N. Scott Bergey, Jesse Crandall 2013
N. Scott Bergey, Caresse Fernandez, Michelle Giardono 2012
Jesse Crandall, Lucia Salamanca Cordona, Alex Levine, Kristina Goranova 2011


Given to a top performing first-year graduate student in the Ph.D. program.

Student Name Award Year
Xavier Schafer 2018
Khoa Lam 2017
Joshua Harris 2015
Gram Townsend 2014
Yuting Zhu 2013
John Kelly 2012
Lucia Salamanca Cordona  2011


Presented to an undergraduate who exemplifies service, academics, and scholarship in the Department of Chemistry.

Student Name Award Year
Lynzee Morris 2024
Lyra Sauer 2023
David Spector 2022
Shelby Coleman 2021
Jordan Louie 2020
Robert Moesch 2019
Kaela Natwora 2018
Tiara N. Ogus 2017
Jordan A. Pitt 2016
Ryan Lonie 2015
Marie Panossian 2015
Eric Stevens 2014
Graham Heberlig  2013
Eoghan Connors 2012
Joshua McEnaney 2011


Other awards

  • ACS Affiliate award - Given to a student to honor their commitment to the chemistry profession and sponsored by the local section of the American Chemical Society (ACS). The winner is awarded a one-year student membership to the ACS.

Student Name Award Year
Jenna Parrish 2024
Sarah Crane 2023


Student Name Award Year
Terry Eggleston 2024