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Department of Chemistry
Our Research

Research Areas

Faculty and students in our Department specialize in one of the following four main areas:

We offer MS and PhD degrees in Chemistry in each of the four tracks above. Both the MS and PhD degrees require a thesis/dissertation based on original research.

Research Laboratories

Graduate research laboratories are located in Edwin C. Jahn Laboratory, a state-of-the-art, 70,000-square-foot research facility. These labs are well-equipped for chemical, polymer, and biochemical research.

Available instrumentation includes: ICP-OES, ICP-MS, FTIR, GC/MS, high resolution MS, stable isotope mass spectrometer, MALDI/MS, UV/VIS, LC/MS, multinuclear NMR (600 and 800 MHz), and a complete thermal analysis suite (TGA, DSC, DMA). Ultra-structure study facilities include FE-TEM and SEM equipment. Chromatographic equipment includes instrumentation for analytical and preparative liquid and gas chromatography. Jahn Laboratory is equipped for the use of radioisotopes in research including a separate radioisotope laboratory. Liquid and solid scintillation counters, and a multichannel analyzer are available.

Other facilities include cw and nanosecond pulsed lasers, Linux computers for computational chemistry and atmospheric modeling, membrane and vapor phase osmometry, solution light-scattering photometers, dynamic oscillatory viscometer, multi-orifice uniform deposition impactor, solar simulators, high temperature furnaces. Field equipment includes a 17-foot boat with low emissions engine, water and sediment samplers, in-situ sensors for major chemical and physical parameters, fixed wavelength radiometers and spectroradiometers, and an air quality monitoring station with mercury vapor analysis and speciation on the roof of Jahn Lab.

Jahn Laboratory also houses the NMR and mass spectrometry facilities of Analytical & Technical Services. Jahn Laboratory is adjacent to our old home, the Hugh P. Baker Laboratory, which houses the other facilities of Analytical & Technical Services.

Main Research Links

This page will take you to the following areas:

  • Faculty Member Pages — Descriptions of our current research activities are found here.
  • Polymer Research Institute — The Polymer Research Institute is a consortium of Associate Members drawn from several organizations and institutions. It is established to promote the advancement of polymer science through education and research, to coordinate diversified activities of polymer scientists and engineers, and to develop strong cooperative programs with polymer-based industries, nationally and internationally.