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Guidelines and Forms

The intent of this document is to help faculty develop high quality course and curriculum proposals that meet the College standards and guidelines. This document includes definitions, policies, and forms that should be used during the course and curriculum approval process. Please direct questions by email to the COC at curriculum@esf.edu.

All proposals submitted for full Committee review are first reviewed by Committee staff for completeness. Once deemed complete, they are then posted for two weeks on the "Current Proposals for Review" web page (www.esf.edu/coc/cp.asp) for review by faculty. There then follows a one-week review by committee members before the proposal can be discussed during a meeting of the full Committee on Curriculum. It will therefore take several (at least three) weeks from the time the proposal is submitted until it is discussed in committee.

Please note that, in order for a proposal to be considered by the Committee on Curriculum during the 2016-2017 academic year meeting schedule, the deadline for submission of proposals is as follows:

New Major/Program Proposals deadline: October 1, 2018

Curriculum Proposals deadline: February 1, 2019

Course Proposals deadline: March 1, 2019

Curriculum/Certificate and Course Proposal Preparation

  • Proposing a new curriculum/certificate or a curriculum/certificate revision
    • Flowchart for determining the appropriate form to use, and the steps to take to submit the proposal.
    • New Curriculum/Certificate or Major Revision Form (see Flowchart above to determine whether the revision is major)
    • Form for Minor Revision to Curriculum/Certificate (see Flowchart above to determine whether the revision is major. If it is not major, then it is minor). This form should be used for minor (i.e. not major) revisions to a curriculum or certificate, or revisions to an Academic Minor.
    • Curriculum Proposal Form - New Academic Minor. Use this form when proposing a new Minor. If you are making revisions to an existing Minor, please use the Minor Curriculum Change Proposal Form, above.
  • Proposing a new course or a course revision
  • Administrative Approval of minor course revisions
    • Administrative Approval Form - Course. If the proposed course revision is minor (i.e. a name change or other change with little impact outside the home department), it may be administratively approved by the Associate Provost for Instruction. PLEASE NOTE that a fully completed Course Proposal Form must be submitted with the Administrative Approval Form in order for the submission to be reviewed by the Associate Provost. A revision that is submitted for administrative approval is reviewed by the Associate Provost only and is not reviewed by the Committee on Curriculum. Before submitting this form, please contact the Office of Instruction and Graduate Studies (sshannon@esf.edu) to determine whether the proposed change is appropriate for administrative approval. In some cases the Associate Provost will advise that the proposed minor course revision be submitted for discussion and review by the full Committee on Curriculum.
  • Administrative Approval of minor curriculum or certificate revisions
    • Administrative Approval Form - Curriculum. This form should be used for minor curriculum or certificate changes only. “Minor” curriculum changes appropriate for administrative approval should be limited to ONE of the following examples:
      • Adding a new course to a curriculum’s list of required courses;
      • Adding a new course to a curriculum’s list of directed elective courses;
      • Revising an existing course that is a part of a curriculum’s list of required courses (i.e. number, prefix, or title change);
      • Revising an existing course that is a part of a curriculum’s list of directed elective courses (i.e. number, prefix, or title change);
      • Adjusting course sequencing within a curriculum that does not change lists of required courses or directed electives or total credit hours, and has no impact on students outside of the major; or
      • Minor changes to curriculum description/language in the college catalog that does not change course tables or total credit hours required for a major. 
    • If two or more of the above changes are proposed, the proposal should be submitted to the Committee on Curriculum as a minor curriculum or minor certificate change, and will not be considered for administrative approval. Approvals will be posted on CoC website.
  • Course Deactivation
    • If you wish to deactivate a course (i.e. remove it from the ESF Catalog and the course database) and are not immediately replacing it with another course, please complete the ESF Course Deactivation form. If you are proposing a new course that will take the place of an existing course, the Course Deactivation form is not required. Instead, please make sure to complete section 3.7.1 of the Course Proposal Form at the time when you are proposing the new course.