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Lindi J. Quackenbush

I supervise graduate students working in remote sensing and GIS-focused projects working across a wide range of subject areas. In addition to the students I have advised (or continue to advise) as major or co-major professor, I have also served on committees for more than 60 other students pursuing degrees in engineering, biology and forestry.

Current Graduate Student Advisees

*Denotes Co-Major Professor
More information about current graduate students is available at my campus web page

Sarina Adeli*, Wetland Mapping using multi-source RS data, PhD
Sara Akbarnejad Nesheli, Lake chlorophyll observations from remote sensing imagery, PhD
John Bisgrove, Automated characterization of bubble plumes, MS
Sean Huckins, Fusion of images of the human brain: opportunities for improved diagnostic and surgical interventions,
PhD Taposh Mollick, Leveraging machine learning to confirm invasive species reports

Completed Graduate Student Advisees 

*Denotes Co-Major Professor


  • Nishan Bhattarai, Single-source surface energy balance algorithms to estimate evapotranspiration from satellite-based remotely sensed data, May 2015
  • Zhu Gu*, Application of novel machine learning methods on satellite-based remotely sensed data, Dec 2015
    Yinghai Ke, Tree crown detection and delineation for forest inventory analysis and species classification using remote sensing techniques, Dec 2009
  • Siqi Li, Forest aboveground biomass estimation using multi-source remote sensing data in temperate forests, May 2019
  • Ge (Jeff) Pu, Geospatial analysis and monitoring in stream corridors: riparian vegetation, riparian buffer and channel migration, Dec 2020
  • Jin Xu*, Using multispectral remote sensing data to estimate shrub willow physiology parameters and analyze scale effects and model uncertainty, May 2021
  • Zhen Zhen*, Considering spatial covariance structure in individual tree crown delineation from multispectral imagery and airborne laser scanner data, Aug 2013


  • Greg Bacon, Application of object-oriented image classification to identify potential brownfield sites in Syracuse, New York, May 2007.
  • Laura Calandra, Spectral analysis of white ash response to emerald ash borer infestations, Dec 2012
  • Jarrod Doucette, A rules-base approach to predicting eastern hemlock abundance using multispectral imagery and topographic measures, Aug 2006.
  • Melisa Keskin, Effects of spatial resolution on tree cover characterization of suburban landscapes, Dec 2014.
  • Tao Liu*,Tree crown delineation based on a fishing net dragging algorithm and boundary classification, May 2014.
    Durga Peddada, A GIS-based approach for assessment of biomass resources and routing using travel distance and time, Dec 2007.
  • Pauline Stephen*, Mapping Chlorophyll a concentration in Oneida Lake, New York using remote sensing and a semi-analytical reflectance model, Dec 2006.
  • Zuwei Xu*, Impervious surface extraction in imbalanced datasets: Integrating multi-temporal data in a one-class classifier, Aug 2014.
  • Wenhua Zhang*, Prediction of tree diameter and crown width from remote sensing imagery, Dec 2009.
  • Meggie Zheng*, Linear unmixing of AVIRIS data to identify White Ash in the Catskill Mountain Region, New York, May 2007.
  • Yue Zuo, Road Extraction from lidar data in residential and commercial areas of Oneida County, NY, Dec 2009.


  • Pat Acee, Mapping Techniques in the Rehabilitation of the Earlville Reservoirs, May 2008.
  • Paul Ang*, Charming the snake: Python scripting and ArcGIS, May 2013.
  • Michelle Bunny, Parcel owner negligence as related to owner residency, Aug 2007.
  • Neha Susanna Dendukuri, Coastal Wetland Atlas, Dec 2017.
  • Rebecca Maurer, Utilizing a Geographic Information System (GIS) for bridge management and inspection, May 2009.
  • Teng Li, Developing methods to refine two traditional individual tree crown delineation algorithms, Aug 2015
  • Jiayong (Jay) Liang, Impact of Urban Land Use on Biodiversity and Conservation Value of Protected Areas:
    Study of United States Ecoregions, Dec 2015.
  • Xiaoyu Ni, GIS-Based Analysis of Fire Risk in Southern California, Dec 2021.
  • Yvonne Paul, Comparison of Lidar and Survey Terrain Models, Aug 2008.
  • George Schmitt, Plane surveying vs. grid derived coordinates, Dec 2009.
  • Kate Sinsabaugh (Wood), An accuracy assessment of a GPS unit through wet and dry canopy, Dec 2005.
  • Baohua Tao, Use of GIS and programming in urban planning research and operations, May 2006.
  • Mingshi Yu, Using ArcGIS Online to Design a Lake Ontario – Saint Lawrence River Wetlands Atlas, May 2018.
  • Zhen Zhen, Impact of training and validation sample selection on classification accuracy and accuracy assessment when using reference polygons in object-based classification, Dec 2012.