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My research interests cover a range of image processing and remote sensing application areas. These include forestry-related topics, such as developing tools to support forest classification and invasive species management; urban management subjects such as object-oriented algorithms for impervious surface classification and linear feature extraction; water-related projects addressing land cover influence on water quality particularly in riparian zones; and new teaching pedagogy in science-based education. My research has been funded by local, state and federal sources and has led to an assortment of graduate student projects and publications. This work cover a breadth of topics and has involved collaboration with researchers in engineering, biology, forestry, chemistry, and outreach.

A key element of my research program and connections is serving as the PI for New YorkView, which is part of the AmericaView organization.

Projects in forest/vegetation classification and assessment

  • Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Image Processing for Automatic 3D Forest Modelling. Co-PI with B. Salehi and E. Bevilacqua, Sep 19 - Aug 21. USDA Mcintire-Stennis Cooperative Forestry Research Program.
  • Evaluation of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) for Vegetation Monitoring.   Co-PI with E. Bevilacqua, Sep 16 – Aug 18. USDA Mcintire-Stennis Cooperative Forestry Research Program.
  • Quantifying change in riparian vegetation in the Genesee River and exploring relationship to seasonal weather patterns and downstream water quality, PI, Oct 16 - Dec 16. AmericaView/USGS.
  • EAGER: Understanding the Potential Role of Mayan Traditional Ecological Knowledge for Ecological Engineering of Forest Restoration in Mexico, Co-PI with S. Diemont, Aug 12 - Dec 15, NSF.
  • Characterization of Montane Forest Ecosystems Using Advanced Remote Sensing Technology, Co-PI with J. Im, C. Beier, M. Dovciak, J. van Aardt, Aug 10 - Sep 12. USDA Mcintire-Stennis Cooperative Forestry Research Program.
  • Mapping Eastern Hemlock Distribution: A Multi-Resolution Approach, PI, Apr 11 - Jun 12, SUNY-ESF.
  • Remote Sensing Based Classification of Forests Infested by Sirex Woodwasps, PI with S.A. Teale, Oct 08 - Sep 11, USDA McIntire-Stennis.
  • Investigating New Advances in Forest Species Classification, PI with C.N. Kroll, Oct 05 - Sep 08, USDA McIntire-Stennis.
  • Applying Remote Sensing to Forest Health Issues Related to Invasive Species (Year 5), Co-PI with J.M. Hassett, Jan 06 - Jul 07, NASA.

Projects in education and research

  • StateView program development and operations for the State of New York.  USGS-AmericaView Program.  PI, Sep 14 – Sep 23.
  • SUNY Sustainability: A Climate Changes Solutions Curriculum, Co-PI with D.L. Johnson, R.E. Beal, R. Malmsheimer, and C.M. Spuches, Jul 09 - Dec 10, NASA.

Projects in water, urban cover, and impervious surface classification

  • Deriving Lake Assessment Information from Satellite Imagery, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, May 2021 - May 2023.
  • Developing GL Basin Coastal Wetland Restoration Plans at the Landscape Scale, Co-PI, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Aug 2017 - May 2018.
  • Geospatial assessment of riparian zones: A case study in the Hudson River Estuary – Stockport Creek Watershed. PI, Mar 17 - Apr 18, New York State Water Resources Institute.
  • The integrated water-system of the Great Lakes region: Its condition and challenges for the future.  Co-PI with P. Vidon, J. Wang, H. Bokuniewicz, T. Walter, G. Boyer, T. Endreny, C. Beier, C. Ferguson, Nov 14 – Nov 15, SUNY 4E Network of Excellence.
  • Pairing LIDAR, terrestrial laser scanning, and aerial photographs to make estimates of channel erosion due to large storm events, Co-PI with S. Shaw, May 14 – Apr 15, New York State Water Resources Institute.
  • Digitizing a 70-Year Record of Land Use change in New York State Watersheds to Examine the Effectiveness of Non-Structural Landscape Modification on Flood Control, Co-PI with S.B. Shaw, Mar 12 - Feb 13, New York State Water Resources Institute.
  • Impacts of Green Infrastructures on Directly Connected Impervious Cover and Spectral Signatures, Co-PI with T.E. Endreny and J. Im, Jul 08 - Jul 09, Syracuse Center of Excellence.
  • LiDAR Acquisition for Regional Water Management, Co-PI with M. Weiss, T. Miller, J. DeHollander, P. Forestiere, R. Lopez-Torrijos, Aug 07, Great Lakes Research Consortium.
  • Dynamic Nonpoint Pollution Model Development for the Carmans River: Phase II, Co-PI with L.P. Herrington, Feb 05 - Feb 06, NYS Dept. of State.