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Faculty Profile
Emily Arsenault

Emily  Arsenault

Emily Arsenault

Visiting Assistant Professor

256 Illick Hall



  • PhD 2021, University of Kansas, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
  • MA 2017, University of Kansas, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
  • BA 2014, Colby College, Environmental Studies; Biology

Professional Experience

2021-2022, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Program in Environmental Studies, Bates College

Research Interests

Freshwater ecology, stable isotopes, food webs, ecosystem ecology, carbon and energy flow, water quality, anthropogenic impacts

For more information, please visit our lab website.

Selected Publications

Arsenault, E. R., J. H. Thorp, M. J. Polito, M. Minder, W. K. Dodds, F. Tromboni, A. Maasri, M. Pyron, B. Mendsaikhan, A. Otgonganbat, S. Altangerel, S. Chandra, R. Shields, C. Artz, and H. Bennadji. 2022. Intercontinental analysis of temperate steppe stream food webs reveals consistent autochthonous support of fishes. Ecology Letters.

Arsenault, E. R., J. H. Liew, and J. R. Hopkins. 2022. Substrate composition influences amino acid carbon isotope profiles of fungi: implications for tracing fungal contributions to food webs. Environmental Microbiology.

Shields, R., M. Pyron, E. R. Arsenault, J. H. Thorp, M. Minder, C. Artz, J. Costello, A. Otgonganbat, B. Mendsaikhan, and A. Maasri. 2021. Geomorphology variables predict fish assemblages for forested and endorheic rivers of two continents. Ecology and Evolution

Maasri, A., M. Pyron, E. R. Arsenault, J. H. Thorp, B. Mendsaikhan, F. Tromboni, M. Minder, S. J. Kenner, J. Costello, S. Chandra, A. Otgonganbat, B. Boldgiv. Accepted. Valley-scale hydrogeomorphology drives river fish assemblage variation in Mongolia. Ecology and Evolution.

McGill, B. M., M. J. Foster, A. N. Pruitt, S. G. Thomas, E. R. Arsenault, J. Hanschu, K. Wahwahsuck, E. Cortez, K. Zarek, T. D. Loecke, and A. J. Burgin. Accepted. You are welcome here: a practical guide to diversity, equity, and inclusion for undergraduates embarking on an ecological research experience. Ecology and Evolution.

Minder, M. M., E. R. Arsenault, B. Erdenee, A. Maasri, and M. Pyron. 2021. Diet overlap among non-native trout species and native Cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarkii) in two U.S. ecoregions. Ecology and Evolution.

Thorp, J. H., W. K. Dodds, C. J. Robbins, A. Maasri, E. R. Arsenault, J. A. Lutchen, F. Tromboni, B. Hayford, M. Pyron, G. S. Mathews, A. Schechner, and S. Chandra. 2020. A framework for lotic macrosystem research. Ecosphere.

Minder, M. M., E. R. Arsenault, B. Erdenee, and M. Pyron. 2020. Dietary specificity and overlap in endorheic river fishes: How do native and nonnative species compare? Journal of Fish Biology.

Liew, J. H., K. W. J. Chua, E. R. Arsenault, J. H. Thorp, A. Suvarnaraksha, A. Amirrudin, and D. C. J. Yeo. 2019. Quantifying terrestrial carbon in freshwater food webs using amino acid isotope analysis—case study with an endemic cave fish. Methods in Ecology & Evolution.