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Faculty Profile
Anne Godfrey

Associate Professor

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255 Marshall Hall


Research and Teaching

Anne C Godfrey, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, emphasizes cross-disciplinary investigation through critical practices in photography. Her research centers on how photography influences the ways in which we understand, value and design landscape places.  Her work bridges the gap between landscape architecture and theory in art, photography and visual studies.

Godfrey’s book on the relationship between photography and landscape architecture is  available from Routledge Press:  Active Landscape Photography: Theoretical Groundwork for Landscape Architecture. This work creates new theory about photographic representation of the landscape, applying critical theory from photography to daily working practices in landscape architecture and environmental design.   Case studies featured in the book include examples from SCAPE, Snøhetta, NBW, West 8, Mayer/Reed and TENxTEN. 

The second book in this series, Active Landscape Photography: Methods for Investigation, was published September 2022.  This work presents active methods for photographing landscape spaces as well as critical discussions about contemporary photographers’ practices and how they can be extrapolated into environmental design settings.  Contemporary photographers presented include Richard Misrach, Dawoud Bey, Duane Michals, Latoya Ruby Frazier, Mark Klett, Sophie Calle, Joe Deal, Robert Adams, Naima Green, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Stephen Shore, David Hockney, Amy Sherald, William Christenberry, Jeff Wall, and Sohei Nishino. 

The third book, rounding out this series with Routledge, Active Landscape Photography: Diverse Practices, collects a set of authors from both academia and the practice who present unique and innovative methods with photography for design development, research and preservation of landscape places.  This collection was relseased in spring of 2023.

In addition, her teaching engages speculative design for climate change resilience and adaptation.  Many of her student teams have gone on to win international design competition awards, including:  Solar Orbs; Soundscape; Cetacea; Instabuff; Living Filtration System.

She also teaches a series of unique courses on photography and environmental design practices: Photography, Environment and You; Methods for Photography in Landscape Architecture; and Photography as Method in the Sciences.

The environmental design journal DesignIntelligence named Godfrey as one of the 30 Most Admired Educators. She received the Lord & Schryver Award from the Oregon Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects for her mentorship of female students in the field. More recently she was named an Outstanding Academic Practitioner by the Upstate New York ASLA.



• University of Oregon MLA

Research in photography and representation

ASLA Oregon Honor Award for Graduate Work

ASLA National Honor Award in Research

• Carleton College, Northfield MN  BA in American Studies cum laude

Research in American politics, contemporary American literature and theory

Awarded Distinction for Comprehensive Project

Current Graduate Advisees

Katlyn BrumfieldKatlyn Brumfield

  • Degree Sought: MLA
  • Graduate Advisor(s): Godfrey
  • Area of Study: Landscape Architecture