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Faculty Profile
C. Thomas Hogge

Assistant Professor

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210 Marshall Hall


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Material and plant performance, Construction technologies and fabrication, Urban ecologies, Feral aesthetics.

Thomas’ teaching and research explores entanglements between the expanding discipline and practices of landscape architecture. He promotes embodied, experiential making as a critical tool for analysis and design. He has taught foundation and advanced design studios in architecture and landscape architecture, where his students have been awarded by CELA and the ASLA; core courses in construction technologies and ecological planting; and seminars on material culture focused on extraction and entropy. His other scholarship explores feral landscapes from public works to post-industrial landscapes. He has lectured on making, stewardship, and prefabrication; and has been a design critic at universities in Alabama, Louisiana, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia.

Thomas also leads Other Lands Studio (OTH), integrating his other training in visual arts and construction. With international collaborators, OTH has been shortlisted in international competitions for urban design and regional landscape planning. In a decade of landscape practice, Thomas also co-led design and planning processes for public and private landscapes with complex client and stakeholder teams in North America and internationally, including large parks, botanic gardens, institutional campuses, urban residential gardens, and rural farms founded on principles of conservation agriculture planning. He has collaborated on projects awarded nationally and internationally for excellence in design and ecological planning.



Vitae: Thomas Hogge CV (short)

Current teaching

LSA227 Foundation Design Studio II

LSA343/696 Landscape Materials + Structures

LSA433/633 Planting Design + Practice

LSA458/459/460 Off-Campus Design Thesis Studio (Advisor) Barcelona

Current Graduate Advisees

Jesse HorningJesse Horning

  • Degree Sought: MLA
  • Graduate Advisor(s): Hogge
  • Area of Study: Landscape Architecture

Jake TottenJake Totten

  • Degree Sought: MLA
  • Graduate Advisor(s): Hogge
  • Area of Study: Landscape Architecture