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Faculty Profile
Matthew Potteiger

Matthew  Potteiger


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202 Marshall Hall



  • University of California, Berkeley - MLA, 1982
  • Pennsylvania State University - BSLA, 1978

Current work

Professor Potteiger's teaching, research, and community engagement centers around the vital cultural practices that shape landscapes. His current work links food and landscape systems through community-based projects aimed at creating a more sustainable and socially just food systems. This work includes the creation of Syracuse Grows, an urban agriculture advocacy group, a peri-urban farm with New American Refugees, and the first regional food system plan for Central New York, Food Plan CNY. He is the co-author, with Jamie Purinton, of Landscape Narratives: Design Practices for Telling Stories, which received a merit award from the American Society of Landscape Architects for its contribution theory and practices of using narratives in landscape interpretation and design.

Teaching Experience

  • Ball State University (3 years)
  • Place/culture/design, Off-Campus Program Director, Food Systems Design, Design Studios,
  • SUNY College of Environmental (1984 - Present)

Practice Experience

  • Collaborative design consulting with Jamie Purinton
  • Resource Perspectives Inc. (6 mo.) - Graphic presentations
  • San Francisco Community Design Center (7 mo.) - Play area design
  • Berman French Associates (3 mo,) Site planning

Courses Taught

  • LSA 226 - Foundation Design Studio I
  • LSA 326 - Design Studio -- Site systems
  • LSA 312 - Place/culture/deisgn
  • LSA 327 - Design Studio II
  • LSA 424 - Preparation for Off Campus Design Thesis Studio
  • LSA 425 - Orientation for Off Campus Design Thesis Studio
  • LSA 460 - Off Campus Design Thesis Studio
  • LSA 461 - Off Campus Final Presentation Seminar
  • LSA 470/670 - Thematic Landscape Design Studio -- Food Systems Design
  • LSA 496 - Food Systems Planning, Design, and Policy
  • LSA 601 - Design Studio II
  • LSA 620 - Design Studio III

Current Graduate Advisees

Julia WilsonJulia Wilson

  • Degree Sought: MLA
  • Graduate Advisor(s): Potteiger
  • Area of Study: Landscape Architecture

Savannah WrightSavannah Wright

  • Degree Sought: MS
  • Graduate Advisor(s): Potteiger
  • Area of Study: Landscape Architecture