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Information for Student Employees

Please read this information sheet in order to get a paycheck! If you have obtained employment at the college there are steps you must take to be sure you get on the payroll.

What type of employment?

There are several different types of employment at SUNY ESF. It is important to find out the type of employment for which you are being hired. Is it College Work Study? Research Foundation? State of New York (Main, Graduate Assistant or Student Assistant)? You can ask the person hiring you for this information. You should also ask if the person hiring you has completed your appointment form yet. This information will be needed when you complete your paperwork.

Have you completed your I-9?

All student employees must complete and sign Section 1 of Form I-9 no later than the first day of employment, and bring the proper identification to the Human Resources office within 3 days from their start date. This is a federal law for all employers, and the College could face serious fines for non-compliance. At the Syracuse Campus, this form must be completed in the presence of the Human Resources staff, except for College Work Study, who should complete the form with the Financial Aid staff. If you are only located at Wanakena Campus, you will complete your I-9 with June McWharf. If you are only located at the Newcomb Campus, you will complete your I-9 with Zoe Jeffrey. The student employee must bring in appropriate identification to prove identity/eligibility to work in the United States. The I-9 form, including a list of acceptable identification (as set by the federal government) is available in the Office of Human Resources. Non-citizens using their passport as identification must remember to also bring their work authorization form. More information is available about the I-9 form.

Have you completed your paperwork?

All student employees must fill out paperwork to get paid. Once you are hired we need information about you in order to get your record into the payroll database! Federal College Work Study employees will complete paperwork in the Office of Financial Aid, 113 Bray Hall. All other student employees (including State Student Assistants) will receive an email from Interview Exchange which will instruct you to log in and complete your paperwork online. If you are located at only the Wanakena Campus or only at the Newcomb Campus, please see your immediate supervisor.

Which time sheet do I fill out?

Most payrolls require that time sheets be submitted. Time sheets are available in the payroll office. Time sheets must be signed by both the employee and the supervisor. Time sheets must be submitted to the payroll office according to payroll calendars. Please note that the calendar indicates when the check will be available according to the pay period. Payroll calendars are available online HERE.

Federally Funded Employees:

  • College Work-Study -  Pink College Work-Study Hourly Time Record

Research Foundation Funded Employees

  • Research Project Assistant – Monthly Exception Report (Reporting Guide)
  • Research Aid - Yellow RF Hourly Time Record

State Funded Employees:

  • Student Assistant – Green State Funded Student Assistant Hourly Time Record

Where do I get my check?

State Paychecks are mailed directly to the employee's address in PayServ. Direct deposit forms can be found on Payroll's web page. Forms should be submitted to the payroll office.