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Institutional Research and Assessment

The SUNY ESF Assessment Office is a resource to the entire campus community for assessment and program improvement. The assessment team applies nationally recognized practices, strategies, and standards to support the University's commitment to academic and operational excellence through promoting and providing support for accreditation and assessment of student learning outcomes and programs.

Assessment at ESF

Specifically, the Assessment Office:

  • coordinates academic and administrative assessment at the University
  • provides resources and support to faculty and staff engaged in the internal assessment process
  • serves as the document home for all assessment results

The Assessment Office is part of the Office of the Academic Administration and managed by the Institutional Research and Assessment Coordinator.

Institutional Data

Detailed information about SUNY ESF: Dashboards (student, faculty, and other data); Campus Profiles (enrollment and faculty FTE by department); Common Data Set (data shared with guidebooks); Retention Reports; Glossary of Terms; Faculty Scholarly and Creative Activities; submitting data requests

Consumer Information

Student Right to Know information, including information related to federal reporting and disclosure requirements, student outcomes, financial aid policies, health and safety reports among other things.

Planning and Assessment

Resources supporting the college's planning and assessment: Strategic Planning, Institutional Assessment (Key Indicators, campus wide surveys: NSSE, FSSE, SOS); Student Learning Outcome Assessment; and Administrative Assessment (Student affairs, alumni, academic support units)

Accreditation and Program Review Support

Overview of current campus accreditations: Institutional Accreditation (Middle States); Accredited Programs; Program Review Guidelines & Timetable; and Self-Study Data for Program Review.

General Education

Information about General Education at ESF, including assessment and outcomes information.