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Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness Assessment strives to facilitate the integration of assessment, planning, and institutional research to encourage continuous assessment and improvement of the University's academic programs and administrative services.

College Strategic Plan

College Institutional Effectiveness Assessment

Accreditation and Compliance

External Reporting and Accountability

    Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) data submissions occur on a cyclic basis throughout the academic year and include surveys of Institutional Characteristics, Completions, and 12-Month Enrollment in the fall; Human Resources in the winter; and Fall Enrollment, Graduation Rates, Student Financial Aid, and Finance in the Spring. The SUNY System Administration coordinates much of the work with IPEDS.

Resources for Accountability

  • National Center for Higher Education Management Systems (NCHEMS)
    Assists colleges and universities as they "improve their management capability" by disseminating the latest managerial concepts and tools in the hands of working administrators on college and university campuses.
  • IPEDS Peer Analysis System and Peer Executive Tool - National Center for Education Statistics
    Offers public access to a universe of educational data and statistics compiled by the NCES.
  • The Association for Institutional Research
    Presents a wide array of resources and links for institutional researchers in the United States.
  • Society for College and University Planning
    Presents information for those involved in all aspects of higher education planning, including institutional research.
  • Faculty Development
    The Faculty Development Council recognizes a comprehensive approach to faculty development that seeks to improve 1) teaching skills, 2) courses or curriculum, 3) institutional structure, 4) job-related skills, and 5) personal skills. In addition to these elements of development, the Council's efforts relate to faculty at all stages of their careers, from hiring to recognition for outstanding achievement
  • Mission Review
    The University's award-winning academic strategic planning process; resulting in detailed Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) for each campus. MOUs are vital planning documents that detail benchmarks and goals in all key academic areas.
  • State University of New York Master Plan
    Every four years, the State University is required to submit a "master plan" to the Board of Regents in compliance with New York State Education Law (Section 354). The State University of New York Master Plan 2004-2008 describes the dynamic progress SUNY has made in implementing Rethinking SUNY (the blue-print document of the State University Board of Trustees) and details the University's planning processes for continuing to build on that success