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Department of Landscape Architecture
Consider Landscape Architecture

At ESF, we combine the issues of nature, craft, art, technology, science, and professionalism into a program that is designed to help prepare you for a career in the field of landscape architecture. The fact that these issues are broad in scope mirrors the profession of landscape architecture. We give you the framework which allows you to discover your own unique interest within the field, and will guide you to help you achieve your goals.


The practice of Landscape Architecture is deeply dependent upon both an understanding of, and sensitivity for nature and ecology. Landscape architects today are poised as leaders in a world faced with environmental challenges of great complexity and scope, locally, nationally, and internationally.


Digital technology provides landscape architects with tools for understanding, visualizing, and predicting change in complex natural and built environments. Landscape Architects use a variety of technologies, including Computer Aided Design (CAD), 3D Modeling and Fabrication, Geographic Information Systems, and Digital Imaging and Publishing.


Just as an understanding of nature is important to the landscape architect, understanding the people for which designed environments are intended is every bit as critical. In a world which is rapidly evolving toward a global economy, cultural awareness is even more significant as a factor in successful design.


Landscape Architecture is a licensed profession serving the public in a variety of roles, including services such as site design and planning, urban design, community design, city planning, environmental planning and restoration, historic preservation planning, and a multitude of specialty services in both private firms and public agencies.

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