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Middle States Assessment

Contact Info

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact any one of the Steering Committee Members:

  • Robert Davis, Director of Forest Properties
  • Michael Kelleher, Director of Renewable Energy Systems
  • Danette Desimone, Assistant Director of Business Affairs
  • Maureen Fellows, Director of Institutional Planning and Governmental Relations
  • Robert French, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing
  • Cynthia Sedgwick, Dean of Student Life and Experiential Learning (now retired)
  • Richard Hawks, Chair and Professor, Landscape Architecture Department
  • Rene Germain, Professor, Graduate Education Coordinator, Forest and Natural Resources Management Department
  • Kimberly Schulz, Associate Professor, Environmental and Forest Biology
  • Gary Scott, Faculty Governance Representative, Chair and Professor, Paper and Bioprocessing Engineering Department
  • Richard Smardon, Professor, Environmental Studies Department
  • Arthur Stipanovic, Chair and Professor, Chemistry Department
  • Timothy Wilke, Environmental Studies Major (graduated May 2011)
  • Anna Stewart, Environmental and Forest Biology, PhD Candidate
  • Valerie Luzadis, Assistant Provost, Professor and Chair, Environmental Studies Department