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Middle States Assessment

Campus Participants

Steering Committee Members

  • Chair: Valerie Luzadis, Assistant Provost, Professor and Chair, Environmental Studies Department
  • Robert Davis, Director of Forest Properties
  • Michael Kelleher, Director of Renewable Energy Systems
  • Danette Desimone, Assistant Director of Business Affairs
  • Maureen Fellows, Director of Institutional Planning and Governmental Relations
  • Robert French, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing
  • Cynthia Sedgwick, Dean of Student Life and Experiential Learning (now retired)
  • Richard Hawks, Chair and Professor, Landscape Architecture Department
  • Rene Germain, Professor, Graduate Education Coordinator, Forest and Natural Resources Management Department
  • Kimberly Schulz, Associate Professor, Environmental and Forest Biology
  • Gary Scott, Faculty Governance Representative, Chair and Professor, Paper and Bioprocessing Engineering Department
  • Richard Smardon, Professor, Environmental Studies Department
  • Arthur Stipanovic, Chair and Professor, Chemistry Department
  • Timothy Wilke, Environmental Studies Major (graduated May 2011)
  • Anna Stewart, Environmental and Forest Biology, PhD Candidate


Study Group 1 - Institutional Stewardship

  • Chair: John View, Director of Financial Aid
  • Michele McNeill, College Accountant
  • Christine Langlois, Assistant Director of the Physical Plant
  • Dana Piwinski, Development Officer
  • David Sonnenfeld, Professor, Environmental Studies
  • William Smith, Professor, Sustainable Construction Mgt. and Engineering
  • Margaret Bryant, Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture
  • Lewis Grove, PhD Student, Environmental and Forest Biology
  • Meagan Pepper, Undergraduate Student, Environmental Science


Study Group 2 - Governance and Administration

  • Chair: John Turbeville, Career Development Officer
  • Elizabeth Minard, Assistant Director of Admissions
  • Mark Hill, Senior Advisor, Financial Aid
  • Bev Gracz, Human Resources
  • Neal Abrams, Assistant Professor, Chemistry
  • Ruth Yanai, Professor, Forest and Natural Resources Management
  • Siddharth Chatterjee, Associate Professor, Paper and Bioprocess Engineering
  • Kathleen Barnhill, (former) PhD Student, Environmental Science
  • John Swass, Undergraduate Student, Environmental Science


Study Group 3 - Education, Research and Outreach

  • Chair: Diane Kuehn, Associate Professor, Forest and Natural Res Mgt.
  • Timothy Knight, Senior Staff Assistant, Environmental Science Division
  • Stephen Weiter, Director of Libraries
  • Charles Spuches, Associate Provost for Outreach
  • Alex Weir, Associate Professor, Environmental and Forest Biology
  • Myrna Hall, Research Associate, Environmental Studies
  • Douglas Daley, Associate Professor, Environmental Resource Engineering
  • Whitney Marshall, PhD Student, Forest and Natural Resources Management
  • Jason McCrea, Undergraduate Student, Environmental Studies Program