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Alumni Spotlight: Wayne Schacher, ’71

Wayne schacher with his wife holding a frame on the left and ont he right is wayne in a fieldWayne Schacher, '71

Wayne Schacher, '71, experienced a long and dedicated career in the environmental field. After graduating from ESF, he earned his master's degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He then entered the workforce as a wildlife officer with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, where he served in the role for four years before becoming a regional aquatic habitat protection biologist.

Following a 12 year career with the agency, Wayne founded his own ecological consulting business. Over the years, he worked with clients such as the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Tennessee Valley Authority.

In 2011, Wayne retired and returned to Western New York.

Wayne credits his education at ESF, particularly the attentive faculty in the Biology Department, with jumpstarting his career. "Dr. Dindal was an outstanding artist and lecturer and became a valued mentor. I also remember dendrology with Edwin Ketchledge, another course that taught field skills and taxonomy that would prove significant in my career."

Wayne is an ESF donor and life member of the Alumni Association. Thank you for sharing, Wayne!

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