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ESF WEATHER ALERT: Monitoring Winter Weather and Travel Conditions for Friday, Dec. 23

ESF is currently monitoring and assessing weather conditions, including a wind chill advisory, for Friday, Dec. 23. This effort includes reviewing the most up-to-date National Weather Service data and forecasting, and consulting with Syracuse University and its independent meteorologist, about what to expect.

Based on current conditions, ESF expects to remain open and operational Friday, Dec. 23, 2022.

Although ESF rarely closes for inclement weather, individuals must make personal decisions based on a risk assessment related to travel. Employees are encouraged to take precautions and use good judgment when traveling to/from work. Essential employees — including those who are responsible for clearing and removing snow, ensuring public safety, and maintaining the campus — are expected to report for their scheduled shifts. Anyone concerned about their safety should contact their supervisor. If you are working a hybrid schedule or remote Friday, you should maintain it.

Any change in ESF's operating status will be announced with the notice ESF WEATHER ALERT through the following channels:

Wishing you a happy holiday season!

Office of Communications and Marketing