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Arrival and Move-In Details

We can’t wait to welcome you to your new home at Centennial Hall! No matter your room type, we’re here to help ensure your smooth arrival and move-in to ESF’s residence hall.

Move-In | Monday, Aug. 19 + Tuesday, Aug. 20

Check-in starts and ends promptly at the times noted above. Families can pull up alongside Centennial Hall while students go inside to check in and get your room keys.

Our Orientation Leaders will be onsite to give you a Mighty Oak welcome and offer move-in help.


What to Bring

Bed Area

Bed with shoes next to it.

✓ Pillows
✓ Blankets/throws
✓ XL comforter
✓ Floor pillows/backrest
✓ Mattress topper
✓ Slippers/house shoes
✓ XL twin sheets.

Desk Area

Desk with a lamp, laptop, books, mug and a chair.

✓ Backpack
✓ Calculator
✓ Office supplies
✓ Cell phone/computer and charger(s)
✓ Desk lamp and light bulbs (no halogen)
✓ Flashlight
✓ UL-listed grounded power strip with built-in fuse or circuit breaker.

Personal Items

✓ Government-issued ID and money/card
✓ Proof of vaccination/boosters
✓ Laundry detergent
✓ Laundry basket
✓ Laundry drying rack
✓ Personal hygiene items
✓ Medication
✓ Shower caddy/bucket
✓ Shower shoes/sandals
✓ Towels/washcloths
✓ Hair dryer
✓ Small fan
✓ Reusable food containers and utensils

Additional Clothing Items

✓ Face masks
✓ Heavy winter coat
✓ Boots (rain/snow)
✓ Gloves, hat, earmuffs
✓ Umbrella

Other Items

✓ Fan
✓ Closet hangers
✓ Coaxial cable for TV connection
✓ Plastic storage towers with drawers
✓ Snacks and drinks
✓ First aid kit

Do Not Bring These Items

Appliances, including air conditioners (only refrigerators less than five cubic feet and microwaves less than 1,000 watts are permitted)
Cooking appliances: air fryers, ovens, hotplates, toasters, toaster ovens, crockpots, grills (including “George Foreman-type” grills) and other similar devices
Nails, command strips, duct tape, or other hangers that will cause damage
Flushable wipes
Minifridge/microwave (we provide these for you!)
Space heaters
Candles, incense, etc.
Wall-mounted TVs (only free-standing TVs are permitted)
Firearms, weapons and fireworks
ALL general-purpose extension cords (even UL-approved; only UL-listed grounded power strips with built-in fuse circuit breaker are permitted)
Halogen lamps and multi-head floor lamps
Large pieces of furniture
Expensive or irreplaceable collectibles or jewelry

Download this list

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