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Northern Forest Institute
Professional Events

The Northern Forest Institute (NFI) is passionate about providing professionals from all fields the opportunity to further their education, acquire new skills and improve existing ones. We strive to offer workshops, trainings and symposiums that allow professionals to strength and better inform their work and decisions that play a role in the conservation and sustainability of the Northern Forest.

Past and Upcoming Professional Trainings and Events

From 2012 to 2014, NFI hosted the annual Interdisciplinary Symposium on Land Use and Ethics on the Newcomb Campus. This symposium was open to professionals from all disciplines to join conversations on a variety of topics including approaches to land use, the moral implications of these approaches, and their impacts on social and environmental justice. In 2015, the efforts in this work are planned to be extended to a practical, hands-on approach with a Practical Ethics Workshop for Science and Forestry Professionals. Drawing upon the themes presented during the last three symposiums, this workshop will explore environmental ethics and how they can be applied to work of participating professionals.

Success in our work stems from being efficient and effective, and fostering these qualities in our colleagues. This is the core of leadership, and the focus of the Adirondack Leadership Trek. Led by professionals with a broad background in leadership and professional training, this workshop includes innovative activities and discussions that explore participants' leadership skills and the essential role of their emotions in effectively applying these skills. In April 2014, NFI hosted its first Adirondack Leadership Trek, in partnership with the SUNY Leadership Institute. Learn more about the weekend at SUNY LI's website. Future workshops are in the works. Contact us for more details!