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Northern Forest Institute
Service Learning

Lend a Hand: Community Service Projects

Community service is a hallmark of many institutions and organizations and a common component in many curricula and missions. Through volunteering and community service opportunities, young men and women can develop skills and attributes that are essential in the classroom and beyond. Simultaneously, they are improving the functionality and aesthetics of their surroundings and improving others' lives. Recognizing the value of community service, we are excited to host various projects that will fulfill your organization's requirements and provide meaningful and enjoyable experiences.

Regardless of the age or size of your group, we can work with you to develop a productive project here at SUNY ESF's Newcomb Campus. Community service projects in the past have included but not limited to splitting wood, preparing lean-to sight, seasonal clean up, staining, gardening, raking leaves, trail maintenance and assembling educational materials.

Any group willing to contribute 4 hours in the form of a project is eligible for the waiving of one night of student lodging. Please note that each group is limited to one free night's stay per visit.

For more information on planning a community service project during your visit please contact us via email ( or phone (518.582.2000).