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K-12 Outreach

Looking to ignite your students’ interest in science? 
Want to strengthen your skills as a science educator? 
ESF has you covered!  

Our K-12 STEM programs are tailor-made for students and teachers in elementary, middle, and high school. We provide access to on-campus resources — including faculty experts and lab facilities — and customized curriculum that is engaging, hands-on, and age-appropriate. Everything is designed for seamless implementation in partnership with K-12 educators and engagement for students. Choose your path below to explore the best options for your school.

Let’s work together to educate the next generation of environmental champions!  

ESF in the High School K-12 Outreach Initiative


ESF in the High School

College-level coursework and credits for high school students.  

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ESF Science Corps K-12 Outreach Initiative


ESF Science Corps

Connecting campus and community through volunteerism and learning.  

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ESF Science Corps K-12 Outreach Initiative


Teacher Training

(inc. NYS Master Teacher Program)

Environmental science professional development workshops.  

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Research Opportunity

Get involved in a FREE 1-credit research opportunity studying how nutrients affect forest health.

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Join us for Girls’ Summit in the spring!

A hands-on, STEAM based career exploration day for youth grades 5-10.

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