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Dr. Myron J. Mitchell

2006 Exemplary Researcher Award Recipient

We are very pleased to announce that at the Spotlight on Research held on April 20, 2006, Dr. Myron J. Mitchell, Distinguished Professor in the Department of Environmental and Forest Biology, received ESF's first Exemplary Researcher Award. He was selected among several highly qualified candidates that were nominated by their peers to receive this award.

This new, College-level award recognizes a successful, currently active faculty member with exemplary research activity, publication record and graduate/undergraduate research program. This award, to be made annually, includes a calendar-year tuition scholarship and graduate assistantship at the PhD stipend level; and a $5,000 research account, but more importantly it recognizes the contributions of ESF's diverse and productive researchers and graduate program. Dr. Mitchell's achievements in biogeochemistry, hydrology and ecology serve as an excellent example of accomplishment in research, and in development of a mentoring program for graduate students and post-doctoral scientists. This is further demonstrated by his receiving the SUNY Chancellor's Research Award in 2002, the rank of Distinguished Professor in 2004, and the Sigma Xi Outstanding Research Award.

  • Dr. Mitchell's research involves terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem processes; sulfur and nitrogen cycling and dynamics; acid precipitation in the Adirondacks/AEC; Hg deposition; Hubbard Brook LTER and hydrology. He is currently Director of the College's Council on Hydrologic Systems Science.
  • Dr. Mitchell and his team have published more than 50 papers in just the last five years, with extramural support from prestigious sources including NSF, USDA Forest Service, EPA, USGS and the Institute of Ecosystem Studies.
  • Dr. Mitchell has set up or coordinated many long-term efforts such as the NE Ecosystem Research Cooperative.
  • Dr. Mitchell is well known internationally and regionally for studies in the Canadian Rockies, Catskills, Florida, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Japan, Korea DMZ, Central Europe and New Zealand (Fulbright) to name a few!
  • Dr. Mitchell serves on the SUNY Research Foundation Board and regularly serves on National Science Foundation funding panels.

Dr. Mitchell will present a campus-wide research seminar highlighting his work in the coming academic year.

Congratulations Dr. Myron Mitchell on this well-deserved honor!