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Pre-Award and Compliance System

The Research Foundation’s (RF) Pre-Award and Compliance System (PACS) has been used to best support Principal Investigators (PI), and Research Administrators, in the establishment and management of research endeavors on campus. PACS is currently divided into three separate areas: Conflict of Interest (COI), Grants, and Agreements. The COI module is used to conduct and track COI certifications. The Grants module is the component of PACS that includes all aspects of the Office of Research Program’s (ORP’s) proposal process, including the proposal documents, compliance questions, budgeting and proposal approvals. The Agreements module assists with establishing newly received awards, and monitoring budgetary, contractual, and RF approvals in the process of award setup. All components of PACS are access by using your Single Sign On Instructions (please find a link to instructions on how to use Single Sign On here).


If you should have any general questions about PACS Grants, please contact Lisa Schwabenbauer at or 315-470-4877, or Emily O’Brien at, or (315) 470-6606 for further guidance.

Additional Guidance