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FOR 496/796 Research Experience
Class Schedule

Forest Ecosystem Science Fall 2007



Assignments Due

Aug 28

Inventory of class interests


Aug 30

Plan projects


Sept 4

Discuss journal article on sugar maple health

How to track samples and record data

Two questions about the paper

Sept 6

Lab: prepare soil samples for drying

Data sheet (Excel)

Sept 8

Lab: sugar maple health, North American Maple Project (NAMP)

(Dusty will provide data sheets)

Read:  Vermont NAMP Manual

Sept 11

Searching scientific literature (computer cluster)

Keywords for searches

Sept 13

Lab: Sieve soils, weigh out samples for oven-dry weight and for extraction the following week

Data sheets

Sept 14

Discuss proposal on heart size of sugar maple

Two questions

Sept 18

Plan data analysis, heart size of sugar maple

Two testable hypotheses.  Sketch a graph of possible results.

Sept 20

Lab: extract exchangeable cations and pH

Data sheets to date

Sept 21

Preliminary analysis of heart size data

Graphical display of results

Read:  Calculating Detectable Differences and ecological stats primer (Weltzin)

Sept 25

Statistical analysis of heart size data

Attempt at statistical analysis

Sept 27

Lab:  soil pH, weigh samples for next week

Data sheets to date

Sept 28

Background reading for Neil's research area

Two questions

Oct 2

Neil's research ideas

Neil: 10 possible research questions

Oct 4

Lab:  Finish extractions and pH

First Draft of Heartwood Report

Oct 5

Mid-semester feedback for improvement

Your opinions

Oct 9

Lab: Finish oven-dry weights


Oct 11

Lab:  ICP analysis of exchangeable cations

T-test, suggestions for heartwood tests

Oct 12

Eid Al-Fitr: No classes at ESF/SU


Oct 16

Methods and Results: feedback


Oct 18

Plans for the future (Neil)


Oct 19

Plans for the future (Zach)


Oct 23

How to calculate exchangeable cations; plan analyses with Dusty

Zach: ICP results in a spreadsheet Neil: Free writing, 10 questions

Oct 25

Select questions for literature review

RefWorks class

Final Draft of Heartwood Report

Oct 26

Help session for Zach (if he needs it)

Results of soil extractions

Oct 30

FIA data (Nicole), Didier and Porter paper

Two questions for discussion

Nov 1

Plan next research steps (Neil's project)

Annotated Bibliography

Nov 2

Plan next steps for data analysis

Proposed analysis of FIA data

Nov 6

Dusty:  SAS, soil Ca in NAMP plots

Send me a report

Nov 8

Nicole:  FIA data

Send me a report

Nov 9

Annotated Bibliography

Annotated bibliography

Nov 13

Exchangeable cations: how to look at the results

Documented data in Excel

Neil: Objectives

Nov 15

FIA data, sugar maple regeneration


Nov 16

No class


Nov 20

Documented data.  How to review a proposal

Neil: First Draft Proposal

Nov 22

No class (Thanksgiving break)


Nov 23

No class (Thanksgiving break)


Nov 27

Plans for the future, review Neil's base cations

Zach, Ruth: Reviews of Neil's proposal

Nov 29

FIA lab


Nov 30

Calculations of exchangeable bases (Neil away)


Dec 4

FIA preliminary results

Zack: report on biomass energy

Dec 6

Lab time for FIA report

Neil's second draft

Dec 7

Discuss Neil's proposal (last class)

Zack's review of Neil's draft

Dec 12


Final report, FIA

Dec 12

Final exam


Dec 14


Neil's final proposal