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Scholars Cohort 1

Alexander Avila

alexander avila ina black tshirt and forest green jacketPronouns He/Him
Major Environmental Science
Minor Environmental Health
Expected graduation year 2023
Hometown Oceanside, NY
Research Interest Renewable Energy
Fun Fact I love Trader Joe's

Alexis Rocio Guillermo

alexis rocio guillermo standing on rocks wearing a black tshirt and grey pants. The background show mountain rangesPronouns She/Her/Ella
Major Forest Technology
Expected graduation year 2024
Hometown New City, New York
Research Interest Working on her AA at the ESF Ranger. Plans to finish her BS at ESF
Fun Fact I have a bearded dragon named Miss Buddie

Amelia Alvarez

amelia alvarez Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Major Wildlife Science
Expected graduation year 2025
Hometown Bronx, New York City
Research Interest I'm interested in any research involving wildlife or conservation. I'm hoping to get a masters.
Fun Fact I love big puzzles!

Amelia Martin

amelia martinPronouns She/Her
Major Environmental Resources Engineering
Expected graduation year 2025
Hometown Brooklyn, New York
Research Interest Water use and maintenance (Eutrophication/Ocean acidification/Water Resources) and Solid waste management. Learn miscellaneous skills and lessons through travelling.
Fun Fact I know how to make soap!

Anjali Gobin

anjali gobin Pronouns She/Her
Expected graduation year Spring 2025
Hometown Staten Island, New York
Research Interest Efficient urban planning and the integration of green spaces in densely populated communities
Fun Fact My favorite animal is the sting ray and I want to try anything that is edible in this world.

Elizabeth Vasquez

elizabeth vasques wearing a purple hatPronouns She/Her/Ella
Major Environmental Education
Expected graduation year 2025
Hometown Bronx, NY
Research Interest Wildlife Education, Conservation Biology
Fun Fact I enjoy exploring caves. I volunteer with the ESL program to teach English.

Gabbi Valdez

headshot of gabbi valdezPronouns She/Her/Hers
Major Environmental Studies
Expected graduation year Environmental Studies
Hometown 2023
Research Interest Studying the effects of sea-level rise and I would like research how to mitigate some of those negative effects.
Fun Fact I was able to see the Broadway show Hamilton, for free.

Hillary Suzuki

hillary suzukiPronouns They/Them
Major Landscape Architecture
Expected graduation year 2026
Hometown Brooklyn, New York
Research Interest Botany, Entomology
Fun Fact One of my other life goals is to become an 8th-dan kendöka! 8th-dan is the highest skill ranking in Kendo, and can take about 33 years of training. You must be at least 46 to become 8th-dan in Kendo.

Iasia Brown

iasia brownMajor Environmental Studies
Expected graduation year 2025
Hometown Queens, New York
Research Interest Botany and Atmospheric Sciences



Ivory Gay

ivory gayPronouns She/Her/Hers
Major Landscape Architecture
Expected graduation year 2025
Hometown Grove City, Ohio
Research Interest Housing, facility, and business dynamics in relation to human sociology, Geography
Fun Fact I draw and play Dungeons and Dragons with my friends.

Jaylen Lowell Earls

jaylen earlsPronouns He/Him
Major Wildlife Science
Expected graduation year 2025
Hometown Bronx, New York
Research Interest I want to do wildlife and animal conservation research
Fun Fact I love dinosaurs, playing soccer and fighting (starting to do kickboxing)

Jenifer Lemus Sagastume

jenifer lemus sagastumeMajor Environmental Studies
Expected graduation year 2023
Hometown East Meadow, New York
Research Interest Wildlife ecology, endangered species biology, habitat fragmentation and sustainability
Fun Fact I like collecting sea glass and making them into jewelry.


Jessica Oquendo Vazquez

Jessica VazquezPronouns She/Her
Major Environmental Science
Expected graduation year 2024
Hometown Born in Jayuya Puerto Rico, currently living in Dunkirk NY
Research Interest Marine science, hydrology/water quality, or restoration


Joshua Moreno

joshua morenoPronouns He/Him
Major Conservation Biology
Expected graduation year 2024
Hometown New York City, New York
Research Interest Conservation
Fun Fact I know taekwondo


Ladanijirah Lightner

ladanijirah lightnerPronouns She/Her/Hers
Major Undecided
Expected graduation year 2025
Hometown Brooklyn, NY
Research Interest Marine science
Fun Fact I love cats!


Luke Daniel

luke danielPronouns He/Him
Major Environmental Studies
Expected graduation year 2024
Hometown Brooklyn, NY
Research Interest Clean air in low income communities
Fun Fact I love to play guitar


Marcus Sandy

marcus sandyPronouns He/Him
Major Environmental Studies
Expected graduation year 2025
Hometown New Jersey
Research Interest Political ecology & ecological conservation
Fun Fact My cardio routine for high school gym senior year was waving a lightsaber around for an hour (I got an A)

Melody Espinoza

melody espinozaPronouns She/Her
Major Conservation Biology
Expected graduation year 2025
Hometown Brooklyn, New York
Research Interest Marine ecology



Owen Volk

owen volkPronouns He/Him
Expected graduation year 2023
Hometown Syracuse, New York
Research Interest Air pollution and effects on low-income communities
Fun Fact I have worn a suit almost every day for 10 years


Sam Hopson

sam hopson standing next to a tree trunkMajor Conservation Biology
Hometown Albany, New York
Research Interest I work with plants in the Adirondacks after college.
Fun Fact I'm also the treasurer of the ESF Black Student Union and a member of the ESF Timbersports team.


Sofia King

sofia kingPronouns She/They
Major Aquatic and Fishery sciences
Expected graduation year 2025
Hometown Union, New Jersey
Research Interest Interested in the interaction between marine creatures and their environment across all waters.
Fun Fact I am proficient in Portuguese and Spanish.

Stephnique Rainey

stephnique raineyPronouns She/Her
Major Environmental Health
Expected graduation year 2024
Hometown Elmira, New York
Research Interest Public health, pollution, and environmental remediation
Fun Fact I was the first person of color to work in Chemung County 911

Tatianna Moragne

tatianna morangnePronouns She/Her
Major Conservation Biology
Expected graduation year 2023
Hometown Little Rock, AR
Research Interest I'm interested in research related to endangered mammals and soil science
Fun Fact I used to host a radio show where I interviewed local restaurant owners. It was really fun and I got a lot of free food.

Tatum St.Louis

tatum st louisPronouns She/Her
Major Landscape Architecture
Expected graduation year 2025
Hometown New City, New York
Research Interest Ecology
Fun Fact My favorite hobbies are painting and crocheting


Waseka Ahmed

waseka ahmedPronouns She/Her/Hers
Major Environmental Studies
Expected graduation year 2024
Hometown Bronx, NY
Research Interest How the environment and natural disasters affect humans, and how policy planning and the government works to give solutions to environmental problems.
Fun Fact I am a cat mom, I have a cat named Coco.