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Scholar Cohort 2

Aisha Zungu

aisha zunguPronouns: She/They
Major: Forest Health
Expected graduation year: 2026
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Research Interest: Conservation and Forest Management
Fun Fact: If I could only watch one show for the rest of my life, it would be Adventure Time.

Allysia Yanez

allysia yanezPronouns: She/Her
Major: Natural Resource Management
Expected graduation year: 2025
Hometown: Poughkeepsie, NY
Research Interest: Water Resources
Fun Fact: I've been a lifeguard for 7 years.


Bailey Cunha-Bustamente

bailey cunha bustamentePronouns: She/Her
Major: Biochemistry
Expected graduation year: 2026
Hometown: California
Research Interest: Microbiomes in humans and their effects on mental health as well as natural alternative therapies
Fun Fact: Koi Fish are my favorite animal and butterflies are my favorite bugs

Brianna El-Quhir

brianna el quihir

Pronouns: She/Her
Major: Conservation Biology
Expected graduation year: 2026
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Research Interest: How human interactions affect wildlife
Fun Fact: I am the oldest of 3


Catherine Genao

catherine genaoPronouns She/Her
Major Chemical Engineering
Expected graduation year 2026
Hometown Bronx, NY
Research Interest Healthier Cigarettes
Fun Fact I'm a hard worker and enjoy having fun to balance things out


Celebrity Wright

celebrity wright wearing a green E S F shirt and jeans

Pronouns She/Her
Major Wildlife Science
Expected graduation year 2024
Hometown Harrisburg, PA
Research Interest Impacts of various pollution on wildlife around the world
Fun Fact I enjoy wearing vintage and retro fashion, especially from the 1970s era


Christian Prosper

christian prosper holding his thumbs upPronouns He/Him
Major Chemical Engineering
Expected graduation year 2026
Hometown Wingdale, NY
Research Interest I want to explore as many chemical research avenues as possible so I can get a better idea of careers for my future.
Fun Fact I am an Eagle Scout


Fiorella Buitron

fiorella buitronPronouns She/They
Major Environmental Resource Engineering
Expected graduation year 2026
Hometown Bronx, NY
Research Interest Geology
Fun Fact I alter clothes in my free time and Breaking Bad is a show I will literally never stop talking about


Gabrielle Augustin-Orcel

gabrielle augustin orcelPronouns She/Her
Major Environmental Studies
Expected graduation year 2026
Hometown Brooklyn, NY
Research Interest Public policy and community advocacy
Fun Fact I have seen 9 Broadway shows


Julia Curet

julia curetPronouns She/They/He
Major Chemical Engineering
Expected graduation year 2026
Hometown East Meadow, New York
Research Interest Waste Management
Fun Fact I have a pet Ball Python named Lex


Justin Garcia

justin garcia

Pronouns He/Him
Major Wildlife Science
Expected graduation year 2026
Hometown Long Island, NY
Research Interest Wildlife Conservation (Marine and Terrestrial)
Fun Fact For someone who loves wildlife and nature, I’ve never been camping or hiking


Joshua Del Rio

joshua del rio

Pronouns He/Him/El
Major Forest Health
Expected graduation year 2024
Hometown Barceloneta, PR and Philadelphia, PA
Research Interest Mutualism between microbes, fungi, insects, and plants
Fun Fact I have a dog named Bunny and a cat named Kimchi


Joshua Irizarry-Diaz

joshu irizarry diaz

Pronouns He/His/Him
Major Chemical Engineering
Expected graduation year 2026
Hometown Richmond, Va
Research Interest Renewable sources/materials/energy systems, sustainability, pharmaceuticals
Fun Fact I love anything water based, and I'm a certified scuba dive


Kai Lee Smith

kai lee smith

Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Major Biotechnology
Expected graduation year 2026
Hometown Bronx, NY
Research Interest During my time in LSAMP I hope to explore integrating Greenery and Horticulture/Agriculture in urban environments.
Fun Fact I love to Illustrate/Draw, it very much puts me at ease and is my meditation to some degree


Lola Wong

lola wong

Pronouns She/They
Major Landscape Architecture
Expected graduation year 2027
Hometown Rahway, NJ
Research Interest Public health, environmental degradation
Fun Fact My entire wardrobe is thrifted


Marcelino Solano

marcelino solano standing on a rock with both thumbs upPronouns He/Him
Major Construction Management
Expected graduation year 2026
Hometown Bronx, NY
Research Interest Protection of nature in general, research on human damage towards nature.
Fun Fact I like to explore new places

Olivia Arce

olivia arcePronouns She/Her/Hers
Major Environmental Biology
Expected graduation year 2024
Hometown Kingsvile, TX
Research Interest Ecology, Conservation, & Habitat Restoration
Fun Fact I have a tattoo of a tardigrade riding a bagel


Rocky Franz

rocky franzPronouns They/He
Major Biotechnology
Expected graduation year 2026
Hometown Rochester, NY
Research Interest Bioremediation
Fun Fact I know a weird amount of cow and cane toad facts


Scarleth Salgado

scarleth salgadoPronouns She/Her
Major Environmental Resources Engineering
Expected graduation year 2026
Hometown Bronx, NY
Research Interest Urban Ecology, Renewable Energy
Fun Fact I am really good at untangling anything