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Willow Woody Biomass
The Northeast Woody/Warm-season Biomass Consortium

SUNY ESF is now a member of the NEWBio project, a regional network of universities, businesses and government agencies dedicated to developing all aspects of renewable biomass energy in the Northeastern U.S. With a focus on revitalizing rural economies and under-utilized agricultural land.

NEWBio LogoNEWBio is developing shrub willow and other biomass feedstocks such as switchgrass and miscanthus through a combination of demonstration sites and numerous project thrusts including:


  1. Human Systems in the Northeast Regional Bioeconomy
  2. Feedstock Improvement for Perennial Energy Crops
  3. Harvest, Preprocessing, and Logistics of Integrated Biomass Supply Chains
  4. System Performance and Sustainability Metrics
  5. Safety and Health in Biomass Feedstock Production and Processing Operations
  6. Extension
  7. Education
  8. Leadership, Stakeholder Involvement, and Program Evaluation

SUNY ESF is primarily collaborating with project partners in the thrust areas of Human Systems, Harvesting, Sustainability and Extension, as well as Executive Leadership and cross-thrust interactions. ESF is also overseeing activities at willow demonstration sites in Northern New York that are showcasing commercial willow production, harvesting and end-use applications of this new biomass energy crop. For more information, webinars and events, please visit the links below:

NEWBio Project Partners

NEWBio Project Partners

NEWBio Team Members at ESF

Current Members

Dr. Timothy Volk - Executive Committee - Harvesting/Sustainability/Extension

Dr. Theresa Selfa - Team Co-Chair - Human Systems

Dr. Andrea Felpausch-Parker - Senior Personnel - Human Systems

Dr. Larry Abrahamson - Senior Personnel - Feedstock Improvement

Dr. Mark Eisenbies - Senior Personnel - Harvest, Preprocessing and Logistics

Dr. Tristan Brown - Senior Personnel - Harvest, Preprocessing and Logistics

Dr. Morey Burnham - Post Doctoral Researcher - Human Systems

Justin Heavey - Senior Personnel - Extension

Nathan Sleight - Graduate Student - Sustainability Systems

Tyler Mock - 2014 Bioenergy Scholar

Previous Members

Ayushi Patel - Graduate Student - Harvest, Preprocessing and Logistics

Charles Bush - Undergraduate Student - Feedstock Improvement

Isaac Knipfing - 2014 Bioenergy Scholar - Harvest, Preprocessing and Logistics

Joseph Volcko - 2014 Bioenergy Scholar - Feedstock Improvement

Shannon Hennessey - 2013 Bioenergy Scholar - Feedstock Improvement

Kavya Krishnan - 2013 Bioenergy Scholar - Feedstock Improvement