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Officers, Committees, Members

Executive and Standing Committees

All Faculty and Research Associates are voting members of Academic Governance. In addition, 30 elected members of professional staff are represented as voting members.

Michael Amadori, 2023
Ray Appleby, 2024
Kate Bailie, 2023
Brian Boothroyd, 2024
Jordan Brinkley, 2023
Terrance Caviness, 2023
Anthony Chefalo, 2023
Daniel Collins, 2023
Casey Duffy, 2024
Heather Engelman, 2024
Susan Fassler, 2024
Amelia Hoffman, 2024
Sean Hohm, 2023
Karen Karker, 2023
Aaron Knight, 2024
Sean Korbas, 2023
Robert MacGregor, 2023
Karen Moore, 2024
Doug Moore, 2023
Jon  Owens, 2023
Joe Pagcaliwagan, 2023
Aaron Rounds, 2023
Leslie Rutkowski, 2024
Katherina Searing, 2024
Mark Storrings, 2024
Erin Tochelli, 2024
John Turbeville, 2024
Sarah Yurka, 2023

Executive Committee

Name Title Term ends
Joanie Mahoney Chair and President of SUNY ESF N/A
Gary M. Scott Executive Chair 2024
Neal Abrams Secretary 2023
Margaret Bryant SU Senator 2023
Karin Limburg SU Senator 2023
Ruth Yanai SUNY Senator Alternate 2023
Ray Appleby SUNY Senator 2022
Mark Storrings Sergeant-at-Arms 2022
Aaron Knight Parliamentarian 2022
Janine DeBaise Honors and Awards, co-Chair 2023
Katherina Searing Honors and Awards, co-Chair 2023
Scott Shannon Academic Affairs, Chair 2023
Matt Smith Faculty and Staff Advancement, Chair 2023
Ivan Gitsov Research, co-Chair 2023
Dylan Parry Research, co-Chair 2023
Erin Tochelli Student Life, Chair 2023



Standing Committees

Honors and Awards

Member Term End Department
Janine DeBaise (Co-Chair) 2023 ES
Katherina Searing (Co-Chair) 2023 Staff
Robin Kimmerer 2024 EB
Karen Moore 2023 Staff
Leslie Rutkowski 2024 Staff
Karin Limburg 2024 EB
Ruth Yanai 2023 SRM
Samuel Mukasa N/A Provost
** Due to SUNY policy on the composition of this committee, the Awards Chair will populate it.


Academic Affairs

Member Term End Department
Scott Shannon (Chair) 2023 LA
Kim Schultz 2021 EFB
Eddie Bevilaqua 2024 SRM
Avik Chatterjee 2023 FCH
Shijie Liu 2024 CHE
Jacob Gedetsis 2023 Interdisciplinary Programs
Ruth Owens 2024 Library
Wendong Tao 2023 ERE
Sue Sanford 2023 Staff
Casey Duffy 2023 Staff
Brandon Murphy 2023 Staff, Open Academy
Erin Tochelli N/A Associate Director Academic Administration
Valerie Luzadis N/A Associate Provost for Academic Administration



Faculty and Staff Advancement

Member Term End Department
Matt Smith 2023 Library Director
John Drake 2024 SRM
Bandaru Ramarao 2024 CHE
Matthew Potteiger 2024 LA
Lindi Quackenbush 2024 ERE
Theodore Dibble 2024 FCH
Ray Appleby 2024 Staff
Heather Engelman 2024 Staff



Research and Scholarship

Member Term End Department
Dylan Perry, co-chair 2023 EFB
Giorgos Mountrakis 2024 ERE
Ivan Gitsov, co-chair 2023 FCH
Casey Koons 2024 Library
John Wasiel 2023 Staff, EHS
Josh Cousins 2023 ES
Tim Volk 2023 SRM
Daniel Collins 2023 Open Academy
John Stella (ex-officio)   Vice President of Research


Student Experience

Member Term End Department
Kathy Lang 2023 Open Academy
Anthony Chefalo 2023 Staff, Student Affairs
Stewart Diemont 2023 EB
Christina Ciereck 2023 Interdisciplinary Programs
Deepak Kumar 2022 ERE/CHE
Jane Verostek 2023 Library
Jill Weiss 2020 LA/ES
Erin Tochelli (Chair) 2022 Academic Administration, Staff
Anne Lombard N/A Vice Provost and Dean of Student Affairs