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Academic Governance

As we migrate to the new web system, this page will contain a history of resolutions considered and passed by Academic Governance. The template for developing a resolution is currently in place.


Resolution of Academic Governance


Resolution No: _______________(assigned by Secretary, usually a simple system such as YYNN where YY=the last two digits of the year, and NN= the consecutive resolutions considered within that year.)


A RESOLUTION  of the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry Academic Governance

Sponsored/Introduced  by_______________________

Seconded by (if not sponsored by committee)___________________



Title of main issue here


            Background Information (Preamble clauses), using the section headings  “CONSIDERING”, “HAVING SEEN”, “RECALLING”, “RECOGNIZING”, “WHEREAS” etc.:

     RECALLING that each section is indented on the first line, and is a single-spaced paragraph followed by a semi-colon;

     HAVING SEEN that each section may have multiple clauses (paragraphs) and that any of these section headings may be repeated or omitted as necessary, although you might want to keep things as brief as possible so that you don’t lose the attention of the people you want to vote for this;

     WHEREAS there is required double spacing between sections;

     RECALLING that the next to last section includes an "and" after the semi-colon; AND

     RECOGNIZING that the last section ends with a comma,


   NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that: (all operative clauses end in a period. There is no limit or set number of  operative clauses required, save there must be at least one (1) operative clause.)

  1. Something be done by someone.
  2. Something else be done by the same someone or someone else.
  3. Something further be done by anyone Some sentiment be expressed regarding the sense of the faculty that x, y, or z is wrong/right/etc.
  4. Someone ..


               The Executive Chair of the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry Academic Governance convey in writing (email is acceptable) the contents of this resolution to the President of the College and Faculty Chair of this body, with copies to ____________, _________________, __________________, ______________, and_____________ within ten (10) days of the date of approval below.  The contents of this resolution shall also be conveyed to the main body of the SUNY-ESF faculty via email, campus news, the faculty governance website, and shall be included verbatim in the minutes of the meeting at which it was passed.


Approved and adopted the  _______day of _________ 20____.


Following Roll Call Vote:         Ayes: ____  Nos: ______   Absent: ______



Secretary for the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry Faculty