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EFB Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct faculty members engage in research, participate on graduate committees, teach, supervise student internships, and more.

Faculty Members Email
Amberg, David, ESF
Boroczky, Katalin, Post Doctorate - SUNY ESF
Briggs, Christopher, Hamilton College
Cha, Dong Ho, US Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center, Hilo, HI
Dean, Jennifer, New York Natural Heritage Program
Diemont, Deborah, MFA, Ohio State University
Evans, DJ, New York Natural Heritage Program, Albany, NY
Folta, Elizabeth, Certified Interpretive Trainer, North Carolina Zoo, North Carolina
Gorney, Rebecca, DEC, Albany
Howard, Timothy Gramlich, New York Natural Heritage Program, Albany, NY
Hunter, Luke, PANTHERA, Executive Director
Jensen, Paul, Albany, DEC
Lanza, Guy, SUNY ESF
McKenna, James, USGS/Great Lakes Science Center
Meany, Jason, Diving instructor, ESF
Murphy, Margaret, Anchor QEA
Petracca, Lisanne, Panthera
Schlesinger, Matthew, New York Natural Heritage Program, Albany, NY
Searing, Katherina, SUNY ESF, Associate Director, Professional Education and Non-Credit Programs, ESF Outreach
Underwood, Brian, USGS, Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
Voelker, Steven, SUNY ESF
Weller, Daniel, Saunders Research Institute, Rochester