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Department of Environmental Biology
Teaching Assistantship and Tuition Scholarships

GTAs are awarded by the department to students who have demonstrated scholarship and academic promise, and whose education and experience enable them to assist in laboratory instruction and research. The master's level student stipend is $18,000 (based on 20 hours per week per academic year). Doctoral stipends are typically $20,000 (based on 20 hours per week per academic year), however, some departments fund at a higher rate.  In addition, a tuition scholarship may be awarded. Students who hold assistantships must be enrolled for full-time study as defined by graduate policies and be making satisfactory progress toward completing their degrees.

Beginning graduate students may apply for assistantships on their application for admission. Continuing graduate students should request a position description from their department office.

Eligibility for Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Two years (four semesters) for M.S. candidates, three years (six semesters) for Ph.D. candidates who have a Master's degree, and four years (eight semesters) for students who go straight from B.S. to Ph.D. (where a Master’s degree is skipped). All dates are from the first matriculation into the EFB program. These terms are all pending satisfactory performance as GTA and satisfactory progress towards degree completion.

Research Assistantships

These are usually awarded by individual faculty members through their research grants and so the stipends and eligibilities vary. Contact your prospective Major Professors for availabilities and requirements.