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Office of Business Affairs
Available Items

ESF Resource Exchange

ESF has partnered with Rheaply to create the ESF Resource Exchange. The Exchange allows ESF faculty and staff to view all surplus property available for reuse on campus in real time. Faculty and staff are also able to post items that they no longer need but that have reuse value. This program is made possible by the Center for Sustainable Materials Management, which is housed at ESF.

Join/Access the ESF Resource Exchange

New to the Exchange? The Rheaply Help Center and the Exchange’s “About” page will help  answer any questions you may have.

The Exchange modernizes ESF’s surplus property system and replaces the former inefficient email-based system. It also allows ESF to track a wide variety of metrics, including the weight of reused materials, value recaptured, and embodied carbon.

Here is a basic overview of how the Exchange functions:

Posting an item:

  1. A staff or faculty member creates a new listing featuring an item, or items they no longer need.
  2. ESF Exchange admins will approve, deny, or ask follow-up questions about the listing.
  3. If/Once approved, the item or items will be viewable on the Exchange.

Receiving an item:

  1. A staff or faculty member submits an “Offer” on an item they wish to reuse on campus.
  2. ESF Exchange admins either approve, deny, or ask follow-up questions about the offer.
  3. Once an offer is approved, an ESF Exchange admin will contact the parties on both ends to facilitate the exchange, and discuss the creation of a Work Order, if needed

Screenshot of the ESF Resource Exchange, showing a variety of items available for reuse on ESF campuses.